LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Without Democrats things could have been worse


I sure am getting tired of all the ads on TV spouting about Patty Murray voting for the stimulus and bailouts and how bad all of that was. You know what? I'm glad she did.

Most economists (not all, of course, because we never have unanimity on anything), believe the stimulus and bailouts worked. Not as well as we would have liked, but they did work. I heard one economist describe them as umbrellas. He said that the economy was in such a free fall that nobody knew where bottom was.

The measures taken by Congress and the Obama administration slowed that free fall down and now things are beginning to rise again. Many economists believe that without the measures the Administration took, unemployment could have been much worse than the 10 percent we have now. Can you imagine the unemployment rate if all the General Motors and Chrysler workers and their dealerships and suppliers had been thrown out of work?

Heck, even my 401(k) is approaching what it was before the free fall began.

So, am I glad that Patty Murray and the Democrats took action to slow things down? Darn right I am. Do I hope they retain control of Congress? Darn right I do. Am I going to vote for Patty? Already have.

The biggest problem the Democrats have this election season is even though their actions have kept us from the abyss, you don't win elections with the campaign slogan that "Things could have been worse." But you know what? Things could have been worse, much worse. And I for one thank the Democrats and this administration for keeping it from getting any worse.

Dennis Sedam
Walla Walla


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