LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Yes, Sen. Murray has brought home pork -- with borrowed money


Regarding the U-B's endorsement of Sen. Murray.

I read this and I do have to agree she has done some good things for Washington and Walla Walla in 18 years and these are admirable. I do believe any good politician would have done the same thing for their constituents so now I must ask what has she done that has been bad for the same constituents and the U.S.

Being in lockstep with our socialist president she has voted for many things that can and will hurt or destroy this great nation. Having lived under his socialist beliefs for 21 months, it has become apparent that his redistribution of the wealth agenda and his uncontrolled spending can and has taken a toll.

The national debt, health care, the $500 billion cut from Medicare, cap and trade, amnesty, the Dream Act, Stimulus Act and what about the Bush tax cut vote they did not take before the November elections? They will sell us down the river after the elections with these votes!

This mess we are in, the Democrats like to blame Bush, but if you do your homework you will find the Community Reinvestment Act of 1999 under Clinton was mostly the cause of the financial melt down and the losses incurred by lenders like Fannie, Freddie and the other financial institutions. You will find Murray voted for that legislation but now blames Bush.

Yes, Murray has brought home the pork but the country had to borrow the money and run up the national debt to do it. Was the $526 billion for the high speed rail from Bellingham to Portland really good and necessary for us? Is that really good for our country?

Murray shows how she went against Obama by cutting $14 billion from his budget request. Wow, $14 billion from a $1.3 trillion deficit and she has voted numerous times for the unrealistic spending and now wants six more years to do more of the same! How has the last 21 months worked out for you and our country? Now figure out who to vote for!

Robert Jackson
Walla Walla


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