LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Bill White is involved in community


Bill White is the only person running for the office of sheriff who is already certified in the state of Washington as a peace officer.

I'm pretty sure his opponent could get the certification, however, he doesn't have it now. In this economy do we really want to send off the chief law enforcement officer of the county to the academy, whether it's for 5 months, 9 weeks or even 1 day? Not a good use of taxpayer dollars in my opinion.

As far as White's opponent's issues with his former business dealings and what the U-B has reported on it; The U-B did an outstanding job. Its reporters researched the facts and I'm sure that the legal department made sure that there was no information given to the public that was not substantiated by the facts at hand.

White's opponent and his followers would have you believe that there were no wrong doings in the Ash Hollow business dealings. I'm pretty confidant that the U-B would not have spent as much time and effort reporting the story if the information they obtained had not been true.

If indeed the information was not true, why hasn't a lawsuit been filed against the U-B? I don't know, because it's true!

White is a member of this community and has been working with the DUI task force, Domestic violence task force, Cart team and I could go on.

White's opponent has claimed that he really cares for Walla Walla, but he hasn't volunteered for any of above listed events or any others until this election year. He has been here since 2004. That's when he applied to be a reserve with the Sheriff's Office and wasn't selected. Wonder why?

White's opponent is offering a lot of gifts per Jeanne Ziska's letter to the editor. This is what I have to say to her and the citizens of Walla Walla: "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts" - an allusion to the Trojan Horse.

Steve Harris

Walla Walla


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