Tea connects people with late loved ones


WALLA WALLA - Janice Lynch, a psychic from Kennewick, hosted her 10th psychic tea fundraiser for the Kirkman House Museum on Saturday, an event titled "Whispered Memories Psychic Tea."

Lynch donates her time to the museum each year for the popular fundraiser.

The goal of the event, along with raising money and gaining followers for the museum, is for Lynch to connect the guests with loved ones who have died and are "on the other side." She asked audience members if they had questions for their loved ones, which Lynch passed on to them.

"People on the other side are so eager to connect in with us that they will bring us a memory or something that there is no way that I would know," Lynch said.

She hosted two sessions, each limited to 25 guests. The event was very popular and sold out quickly.

"We hadn't even sent out press releases and we sold out this year. A lot of them were people who I hadn't had here before," said Kirsten Schober, executive director of Kirkman House Museum.

"The theory is that when the house was built, it was traditional to have sances in the house. I don't know whether this family did or not, but in this era it was very popular," Lynch said.

Lynch got started in her job reading palms in high school. When the event first started 10 years ago, she mainly performed psychometric readings on objects as a way to connect with people who had died.

Yet she found that it was more effective to directly connect with the deceased. When reading objects, she had to differentiate the readings for the different owners of the object.

"At that time we were doing psychometry, where I will read an object," Lynch said. "From that we were making contact with the other side, and I found that reading the objects took a lot more time. What they really wanted was to connect with people on the other side. So the objects kind of got bypassed."

Lynch likes helping people connect with their loved ones.

"I think my favorite part of the event is seeing people having that contact and having that connection (with the other side). There is just a sweetness about that."

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