LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Bill White hasn't embellished resume


I can stay silent no longer. Things are on my mind and they need to be clarified -- some misconceptions about John Turner.

I would suggest Turner's supporters get the full story. When asked by the U-B in the Aug. 1 edition about "how long has it been since you've done 'hand's on' police work," Turner says he was a "law enforcement professional imbedded with combat teams in Iraq."

The fact is he is a "former" law enforcement, civilian advisor, who was well paid (tax free) while he was there. I know of several people who went on similar "missions" and made six figures tax-free. They were not on the front lines, nor were they soldiers, and they never claimed to be soldiers. Turner would lead you to believe he "served" in Iraq.

As a USMC veteran, that is upsetting to me. I sure didn't make six figures for the entire three years I served.

Turner also says he is "currently" a special investigator for Homeland Security. The fact is Turner is called on to conduct "routine background checks" on "possible" government employees. That is not "law enforcement."

Lastly, I have to comment on Robert Phillips stating it is "hogwash" that Turner cannot "go through the door" in regards to a search warrant, etc. Let me clarify. Turner may have a concealed weapons permit, but the sheriff usually does not do this type of work. It is accomplished by uniformed officers, and usually SWAT team members, and if Turner did assist in any of these types of investigations, any evidence collected could be thrown out in court. This is due to the fact that Turner is not a current certified law enforcement officer in Washington state. He can legally carry a firearm, but he cannot make an arrest or be involved in any investigations.

In conclusion, Bill White may not have all of the bells and whistles that John Turner claims to have, but he has not embellished any of his credentials and he has been at the same job for 31 years helping to make Walla Walla County a safer place for you and me.

Bill White has my vote for sheriff.

Kent Boyd

College Place


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