LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Column makes it clear GOP deserve support


I have just finished reading a column written by Lance Dickie in the Union-Bulletin. Mr. Dickie is an editorial writer for The Seattle Times, which happens to own the Union-Bulletin.

Mr. Dickie in his non-partisan way goes on a tirade criticizing the Republicans for a number of items, including using "no" votes to block Democratic efforts, for doing nothing and for being opposed to letting the Bush tax cuts lapse.

In addition he praises the Democrats for passing major achievements such as health care, financial reforms and preventing job losses. I could go on but I think you get the point.

Mr. Dickie must not realize that in the last election the Democrats gained control of the administration, the Senate and the House. They have maintained this control and passed legislation they wanted rather than what, in many cases, the people wanted. It is unusual to expect support from Republicans when none is sought. Just for the record, I think our state has a similar majority by Democrats and they, too, are experiencing many of the same political achievements as our federal government.

Democrats have been in control for over a year and one-half and this economy is theirs. Their efforts to correct the recession has failed miserably and it is amusing to watch them try to place the blame where it doesn't belong.

Remember during the last election when the Democrats were telling us about their being the most fiscally responsible, how the health-care legislation would cover millions of more people but save us money, how their stimulus legislation would create jobs and all of their other irresponsible comments and actions?

Mr. Dickie's column has convinced me to support the Republican Party. If that was his intent he did a great job. If you are not experiencing the change you had hoped for maybe you should consider the same.

Nat Webb

Walla Walla


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