LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: 'Over the Hedge' comic is garbage


Attention fellow comics readers:

Letters have been written by people with comments expressing their disappointment with the recent changes in the comics. It is apparent to me that they did not see the article published in the paper by U-B Editor Rick Doyle announcing those changes and the reasons for them.

The Union Bulletin does not have the decency to respond to your letters because it hase no intention of reversing the changes. It also did not have the decency to print that article more than once, nor the decency to post it on the comics page so that you would be sure to see it.

If you have a computer and wish to read the article here is the web address for it. union-bulletin.com/stories/2010/07/30/changing-times-call-for-shift-in-comics . If you want to look at your old newspaper, it was published on July 30. Rick Doyle can be reached at rickdoyle@wwub.com or by phone.

By the way, for what it is worth, I cannot believe the Union-Bulletin pays money for the comic "Over the Hedge." I read all the comics whether I like them or not and after a week of reading it, I gave up.

Mr. Doyle, I don't care if that comic is based on a movie that earned $335 million, it is garbage and it is disappointing that you pass it on to us.

Martin Shafer

Walla Walla


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