LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Post write-in totals for all


If 14,029 votes were cast, and the votes tallied for four county coroner candidates came to 10,682 there are 3,347 unacounted for.

Why don't you have the number for the other write-in candidates posted also?

I realize there may not be enough for the write-in candidates to pass up the current top two candidates, but don't you have an obligation to give us the numbers?

While I am not endorsing any candidate, I believe the comments quoted in the Union-Bulletin referring to the write-in candidates as being Frank Brown or Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck should result in the firing of Debbie Benavides.

This comment is totally unreasonable in such a contested race.

If she is speaking as the elections supervisor, she needs to be fired.

Her personal political position came out in the report by the U-B reporter and I am uncomfortable with her ability to properly secure the ballots and prevent the ballots from being miscounted, altered or manipulated to the detriment of the voters' wishes.

Again, with her posture obviously against write-in candidates, why don't we have the numbers I referred to at the beginning of this letter?

Tom Nollette

Walla Walla


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