LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: What is happening to our country?


None dare call it conspiracy, but thinking people can't help but ask: What in the world is happening to our country?

The rapid pace of consequential changes we have experienced in the past few months will have a devastating affect on the way of life we have come to enjoy. Is it due to incompetent leadership, is it by chance or is there an orchestrated movement to dismantle the U.S.?

Now comes the nagging question of how, what, why and who? Could it be a result of globalization accomplished with the help of socialism and the international redistribution of wealth? Whatever the cause, current events in this country cannot be naively dismissed out of hand.

1) The working middle class is seeing a rapid decline in the standard of living.

2) The loss of jobs by the transfer of major manufacturing to countries overseas.

3) The evaporation in the value of the savings accounts of hard working Americans due to government debt monetization by printing trillions of fiat dollars.

4) The lopsided balance of trade deficit because the preponderance of products we buy are now made in foreign countries rather than here at home.

5) With inadequate security our southern border is allowed to be penetrated by the Mexican drug cartel and worse yet Middle East terrorists have found it to be the easiest way to infiltrate our country.

Could that be the how and what? If so, why and who?

Is it perceived that the citizens of this country have hit the zenith of prosperity along with the so-called good life, and our ability to purchase every new gadget to hit the market in the last 50 or 60 years. We are only a country of 300 million or so people, and there are billions of people in the world that need their standard of living to improve in order to become potential consumers on a massive scale. Has the they who is the them decided it's time to find more fertile fields in order to perpetuate more and more commerce, but at our expense? Could it be the international banking consortiums, along with large international corporations (which, by the way, owe their success to our country) be willing to sell us out for their own selfish interests?

Just a little food for thought to go with the Kool-Aid in case we are instructed to drink it.

Daryl Schreiner

Walla Walla


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