LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Where do you stand on tea party?


Delving into the tea-party movement further underlines the disparity between how the main (lame) stream media depicts the tea party and how the tea party positions itself. It's adamantly not a racist, bigoted organization.

Asking yourself these questions will help clarify this disparity and where you, the citizens of the United States of America, stand.

1) Do you want more government intrusion in your life?

2) Do you want your taxes to significantly increase to improve the lives of the non-productive segment of our society?

3) Would you like to see runaway increases in government employment while private sector employment declines?

4) Do you believe the Founding Fathers wanted career politicians and bureaucrats, especially legislators?

5) Do you want to enhance the activities of groups like the ACLU, ACORN, unelected czars, the Service Employees International Union, et al. with our tax money?

6) If $13 trillion national debt plus untold unfunded governmental liabilities ($123 trillion) is such a good thing, would you vote to triple it?

If your answers are "no" to these questions, you are already a latent tea partyer.

Now is the time to stand up for America, while we still can! Veterans of WWII, Korean war, and even Vietnam paid the price for maintaining our freedom with 600,000 lives lost and millions of causalities.

Finally, governmental competence and integrity has nothing to do with race or ethnicity. While fiscal responsibility has everything to do with common sense and diligence.

And freedom is only a generational thing. It only takes a couple of generations through apathy, arrogance, disregard and entitlements to wreck forever the American way of life.

Kenneth D. Emerson
Walla Walla


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