Monahan remembered at horse races

The late racing director will have races run in his memory each day.


WALLA WALLA - Dick Monahan, the longtime horse racing director at the Walla Walla Fair, will be recognized during all three days of pair-mutuel this weekend at the fairgrounds.

Monahan died last December.

The Dick Monahan Memorial Quarter Horse Allowance at 250 yards will be the sixth race during Friday's first day of racing.

"We wanted to recognize Dick, and we wanted to do it each day of the races," said Shorty Martin of Yakima, who has taken over Monahan's duties of overseeing horse racing in Walla Walla during the Labor Day weekend fair and also the Spring Meet in May.

"We have halters and lead ropes made with his name on them that will be presented to the winning owner each day," Martin said.

Which races will be designated as the Monahan Memorial races on Saturday and Sunday won't be determined until the race cards are drawn up, Martin said.

"We will just see how the cards shape up and see where we put things," Martin said. "We'll know when the overnights come in."

Friday's card also features the Kenny Smith Memorial Quarter Horse Allowance, also at 250 yards, which is held annually in recognition of another well known area horseman.

There are eight races on tap Friday, which Martin believes is right in line with the first-day schedule in recent years.

"We kind of run a lighter schedule on Friday because we don't want to spoil the weekend," Martin explained. "Our biggest crowds are on Saturday and Sunday and we hope to have 10 races each day.

"We kind of encourage the horsemen to hold off until Saturday."

Saturday's card will include the Quarter Horse 250 Championship, the All-Breed 660 Championship and a Thoroughbred Speed Handicap at 5 furlongs. The Thoroughbred Queen's Derby at a mile and an eighth and the Quarter Horse Futurity at 250 yards will top Sunday's race card.

Friday's overnight

At Walla Walla Fairgrounds

1 p.m. Postime

FIRST RACE (Quarter Horse Maiden, 3-year-olds and older, 250 yards) - 1, Oldies Red Filly, Ashley Zacherle; 2, Smuggler's Ridge, Luis Torres; 3, Lookin For Cash, Freddy Ibarra; 4, Royal Bit of Heaven, Jose Figueroa; 5, Sittin On A Secret, Ruben Camacho; 6, Kip N Cash, Nikeela Black; 7, Kash In My Wranglers, Joe Crispin; 8, Bit a Kipa, Terrence Birdrattler.

SECOND RACE (Thoroughbred Maiden, 3-year-olds and older, 5 furlongs) - 1, Lacey's Last Chance, Connie Doll; 2, Cya Indaspring, Nate Parker; 3, Almost Toast, Joe Crispin; 4, Crafty Reasoning, Jose Figueroa; 5, Inspector Bayou, Ruben Camacho; 6, Durf, Terrence Birdrattler; 7, Houston Creek, Hugo Herrera; 8, Senator D, Luis Torres.

THIRD RACE (Kenny Smith Memorial Quarter Horse Allowance, 3-year-olds and older which have not won two races in lifetime, 250 yards) - 1, Don't Look Back, Freddy Ibarra; 2, Queen B Look, Joe Crispin; 3, Mayday Malone, Ashley Zacherle; 4, Make Mischief, Ruben Camacho; 5, Reten, Hugo Herrera; 6, It's A Royal Star, Terrence Birdrattler; 7, Two Lic Tryn, Nikeela Black.

FOURTH RACE (Thoroughbred Claiming, 3-year-olds and older which have not won two races in 2010, 7 furlongs) - 1, Tayo's Tiger, Luis Torres; 2, West Walker, Terrence Birdrattler; 3, Thrifty Scot, Joe Crispin; 4, River Lord, Ruben Camacho; 5, My Blue Heart, Connie Doll; 6, Snow Peek, Jose Figueroa; 7, Billy Stark, Ashley Zacherle.

FIFTH RACE (Thoroughbred Claiming, 3-year-olds and older which have not won three races in lifetime, 7 furlongs) - 1, Historic Event, Joe Crispin; 2, Keger, Connie Doll; 3, Perfect Hand, Hugo Herrera; 4, Brother Willie, Ruben Camacho; 5, Mingun's Mark, Nikeela Black; 6, Known as Lu, Luis Torres.

SIXTH RACE (Dick Monahan Memorial Quarter Horse Allowance, 3-year-olds and older which have not won two races in 2010 other than maiden race, 250 yards) - 1, Pillar, Ruben Camacho; 2, Eyes Okey, Hugo Herrera; 3, Dashing Strawfly, Luis Torres; 4, Running for the Boys, Connie Doll; 5, Hawks and Ruffles, Ashley Zacherle; 6, Beda King, Joe Crispin.

SEVENTH RACE (Thoroughbred Allowance, 3-year-olds and older, 5 furlongs) - 1, Easter Sonny Boy, Luis Torres; 2, Slickest, Connie Doll; 3, Dance Composer, Ashley Zacherle; 4, Rush Ahead, Ruben Camacho; 5, At the Bada Bing, Joe Crispin.

EIGHTH RACE (Thoroughbred Claiming, which have not won two races in 2010, 5 furlongs) - 1, Skimmed, Connie Doll; 2, Trieste'd N True, Ruben Camacho; 3, Irish Yodeler, Nate Parker; 4, Totally Brilliant, Nikeela Black; 5, Shudaboxedit, Ashley Zacherle; 6, Fatmanstew, Joe Crispin; 7, Rasparov, Hugo Herrera.


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