LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Editorial cartoon selected distorted facts


Your editorial page cartoon on Monday violated both your journalistic credentials and our community's civic sensibilities.

I read with interest the U-B Viewpoints page each day. As would be expected in a community with both a well-founded liberal camp and a broad and committed conservative side, you publish editorial material from both sides. This helps your readers to understand the underlying ideas and arguments from both points of view, and they appreciate that.

The editorial cartoons you publish are an extension of that objective, with the addition of the artistic dimension and a bit of well meant humor.

The cartoon published on Monday, supposedly depicting last Saturday's Glen Beck event, was both not factual and beyond the pale of good taste. It depicted highly offensive signs at an event that explicitly did not invite signs. It depicts Mr. Beck, the event organizer who conducted the event with decorum and respect, as ranting.

If you were at all informed about the event, you would appreciate that several hundred thousand American citizens peacefully gathered together to honor our men and women in uniform, and to award commendations for several exemplary Americans for their acts of faith, hope and charity to their fellow citizens.

It was an uplifting event that brought together over 200 pastors, rabbis and leaders of other faiths, the niece of Martin Luther King Jr., and many other respected presenters to encourage Americans to recommit ourselves to the high moral values and principals on which our great nation was established.

But the cartoon you picked to print for the day grossly distorted the facts of the event in the fashion of the lowest form of yellow journalism.

It is truly disgusting that our community's only forum of local news and editorial opinion is left in the hands of someone with such a twisted sense of humor as to think that this cartoon is in any way a respectable example of the fine art of the political satire cartoon.

Dan Nims
Walla Walla

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