Fishing for something different in fair food

Aloha Sushi offers a change of pace — but no raw fish


WALLA WALLA - Ahhh. fair food: Cotton candy, funnel cakes, turkey wings, sushi, corn dogs, french fries...

Hold on - sushi?

That's right. Sushi made its debut this summer at the Walla Walla Fair and Frontier Days, thanks to Aloha Sushi owner Paul Mobley.

"The first day was kind of slow. And I think every carnie came. They were excited to not have to eat another corn dog for lunch," Mobley said.

Instead, those carnies feasted an Aloha Sushi house favorite: Godzilla Shrimp. And they also had a chance to order a side of seaweed or octopus salad.

But what fairgoers won't get a chance to eat is raw fish.

Then again, sushi doesn't mean raw fish; it means flavored rice, Mobley is quick to point out. And sometimes that flavored rice includes fish. But when coming up with his fair menu, the Aloha Sushi owner thought it best to leave out the raw fish.

"Just because of the heat. But maybe next year, if it works out for us, we will bring in a chef and the whole thing," Mobley added.

Keeping with the less-than-healthy side of fair food, Mobley decided to also sell a few deep- fried fair curiousity items: fried Twinkies, fried Snickers and fried Milky Way bars.

There were a few takers.

"I think that is enough for me. You can have the rest. That is super sweet," Jennifer Milleson said to her daughter, McKenzie, handing her back the deep-fried Twinkie.

"I love it," McKenzie added.

Aloha Sushi's booth is located in the community building where all the local establishments have set up shop.

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