Lockdown at prison may continue until Tuesday

The lockdown affected 187 inmates in the close-custody facility.


WALLA WALLA -- The lockdown of a unit at the Washington State Penitentiary is expected to continue through Tuesday morning.

The lockdown of Unit G in the prison's West Complex began last week after an inmate assaulted a correctional officer in the unit's day room on the evening of Aug. 31. The officer was treated and released at a local hospital.

The lockdown affected 187 inmates in the close-custody facility, one of four housing units in the West Complex. The rest of the prison has remained on normal status, said Shari Hall, penitentiary spokeswoman.

During the lockdown inmates are confined to their cells and not allowed out for work, recreation or meals. According to the latest operational plan for the unit, certain restrictions will be eased over the weekend and some inmates will be allowed to perform work duties.


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