LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Turner was in harm's way in Iraq


Mr. Boyd stated in the Union-Bulletin on Aug. 29 that "I can stay silent no longer." This brings to mind the quote by Abraham Lincoln that it is better to remain silent.

Mr. Boyd's comment about John Turner going to Iraq insinuates that Mr. Turner is saying he was a soldier. The investigations he took part in were privileged to wear current military uniforms and carry firearms. Mr. Turner served as a civilian counter terrorism investigator. This combined law enforcement with military knowledge to identify, track, target and eliminate enemy insurgents who were murdering our service men and woman as well as Iraqi citizens.

A question for Mr. Boyd; Where in your experience would you define the front line in Iraq during the time Turner was there? My personal experiences while in Iraq twice have taught me that the entire country of Iraq was a front line.

Was John Turner ever in direct threat of having his person in harm's way? Yes. John Turner's life was in a constant state of imminent danger every day he was in the theater of operation. John Turner was routinely outside the "wire" collecting evidence. This individual was embedded and living side by side with an infantry unit.

To insinuate that Turner merely did it for the money is wrong, when he could have returned to his previous career as an attorney and avoided Iraq entirely.

I am eternally grateful to Mr. Turner as well as other men and woman who have placed their lives in harm's way to offer expertise and assist in any capacity they could. I suppose the same parallels can be drawn of our law enforcement community, for they, too, place their lives in harm's way for the greater good to assist their community.

Do they do it strictly for the pay? No. It is called selfless service and it is one of the core values that make-up professional men and woman in military and law enforcement. Mr. Boyd as a U.S. Marine Corps veteran, I applaud him for serving our country.

Too often I read the opinion writers doing their best to assassinate the opponent's character. My suggestion is, instead of sharpshooting your candidate's opponent and taking prior statements out of context, speak of the qualifications of the one you support. A campaign of mudslinging and slander speaks volumes about one's character in and of itself.

Dean Davis
Walla Walla


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