LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Few can match Turner's background


I am a sergeant with LAPD SWAT and I write this letter in support of John Turner for sheriff.

John and I met May 1988 as Los Angeles Police Academy classmates. John and I were partners in South Central Los Angeles. Together we have attended countless training symposiums on topics of law, use of force, officer safety, community relations, firearms marksmanship and manipulation, and tactics.

John has always excelled in every aspect of police work. He is talented at applying those skills, especially law and policy, to fight crime and keep citizens, officers, and even suspects safe. I have always been impressed with John's gift for dissecting a challenge, whether a perilous tactical issue or a complex community/legal issue.

John has always been innovative, erudite and extremely successful at furthering the needs of the community. John has always been a sounding-board for me on all matters, professional and personal.

I am a 22-year member of the LAPD. Of my 22 years, I have spent 13 years in SWAT at three different ranks. I earned a bachelor's degree and a master's degree while working field assignments as a police officer. I have trained with law enforcement and top-tier military assets from throughout the world.

I only state these facts because it is evidence I am fortunate to have spent my entire career working with some of the finest people in law enforcement and the military. I know the discipline and character it takes to selflessly commit to a task for a greater good. John possesses every noble trait and leads the ranks. He is moral, humble, confident and extremely knowledgeable. He is resourceful, innovative, forward thinking and well-spoken.

I was in Walla Walla to support John during the recent primary election. I was asked repeatedly if I plan on moving to Walla Walla to become part of John's staff if the opportunity were to arise. My response was and is: "No." I have an established career and life in Los Angeles. I will retire from LAPD in 15 years when my daughter (who is 6) graduates from Princeton.

John's personal and professional background place him in a category that few, if any, can match. As a civil servant, it would be my honor to work for John (if he was in LA).

I encourage Walla Walla to vote John Turner for sheriff.

Lee McMillion
Huntington Beach, Calif.


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