LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - People don't understand numbers


First -- the change in the comic section is atrocious. The old, interestingly funny ones were great!

Second -- it never ceases to amaze me people just don't understand numbers. A lot of people are crowing about the large tidings of government money brought to the fine state of Washington. But think about the amount of large tidings that are also taken to the other states.

Taking into consideration the percentage that is brought into Washington is minimal compared to all of the pork scattered across the U.S. some thought that all of this pork is paid for by the good Ole Taxpayers, how much is your share that is distributed to the rest of the states.

Your taxes are paying for research on ants in India, monkeys on cocaine, overpasses for deer, tunnels for turtles and best of all the billion dollar highway tunnel in Boston (how many of you have driven through it?) Now that's just a few.

So what would happen if the state government got off its duff and earned its money by finding projects that would benefit the state and put bonds together to build these same projects that supposedly are being funded by these large tidings of the feds. It would certainly be cheaper than supporting the whims of the entire Congress.

I think all that bacon, i.e. pork, should be taken out of the hands of the feds and cut the roles of same to a minimal force. The country could run just fine with the military and a small oversight committee that would be overseeing the portions of government that actually need to be there.

Of course that committee would have term limits of a short time frame and be impeachable by the citizens of the good Ol' U.S. of A.

It would sure save the taxpayers a lot of money and the economy probably wouldn't be in the shape it is in today. Doing away with this welfare lifestyle and redistribution of wages certainly wouldn't hurt anyone and even get some to look for work!

Just a thought for the day!

Myron Wallmow
Walla Walla


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