LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Bike riders must obey rules of road


Several hundred members of Cycle Oregon, a bicycle club, have recently been visiting the Walla Walla Valley. I am sure the business community welcomes this group since it spends a lot of money while passing through.

I am not convinced that the rest of the populace receives it with open arms. Wednesday at noon I was walking west on Melrose Street and observed the passage of about a hundred cyclists. They were headed east and were three and four abreast. None of them was at the far right of the road.

Car traffic and one city bus were held up for minutes. The cyclists seemed oblivious to the fact they were blocking the street. Their actions were rude and inconsiderate.

Cyclists are obliged to obey traffic rules. They should travel single file on the far right side of the road if they are obstructing traffic.

If Cycle Oregon can't abide by the rules of the road, perhaps the mayor and City Council should inform it that they it is welcome here.

Lee Spencer
Walla Walla


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