LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Front-page photo was appalling


How appalling!

I was beyond shocked to see a photo on the front page of the Wednesday newspaper! You have a photo of a woman who was in a car wreck, upside-down in her car waiting for help!

In the article it is said she had a "possible broken neck and pelvis." Under those circumstances, do you think your readers care to see someone who is in shock, pain and quite possibly terrified? There was no further information available since she wasn't listed at any of the local hospitals, so we don't know if her injuries were serious enough to be life threatening and if she could have possibly succumbed to them, yet now, we see a picture of this poor woman, unsure if she is OK or not.

I hope she is OK. Either way, shame on you for posting that picture on the front page!

Amanda Hough
Walla Walla


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