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Greenwood will make great coroner

Please join Karen and me in supporting Richard Greenwood for Walla Walla County coroner.

Richard was our foreman for Disposal Services for over 20 years. He was primarily responsible for most of the drivers who worked for DSI. When a new driver was needed, he would refer good candidates to us.

When we were out of town, we did not need to worry about the work getting done. During the early years he would repair trucks as well as perform his regular duties, making certain every thing was ready to roll in the morning.

He handled customers complaints with good judgment and common sense, making certain the customer and DSI were treated fairly. When we decided to retire and sell the company to Basin Disposal of Pasco, he helped facilitate the seamless transition so no customers were surprised or upset.

I am certain Richard will make a great coroner and an asset to the County of Walla Walla.

Pete Dahlquist

Walla Walla

Walla Walla County lucky to have Virginia Romine

Walla Walla is fortunate to have someone such as Virginia Romine running for county coroner. I've known Virginia Romine my whole life. I know her children and her grandchildren, and I knew her parents.

My Uncle Phillip may be one of the last people living who knew her great-grandparents. They are all wonderful, intelligent, generous, loyal people. Please permit me to wholeheartedly endorse Virginia to be your coroner.

My first strong memory of Virginia is when I was 5 and in kindergarten. Virginia was in college and had a part time job driving my school bus. I was sitting right behind the driver's seat.

An older child gave me a jawbreaker. I was laughing, inhaled, and it got stuck. I couldn't breath! Virginia pulled the bus over, grabbed me, and gave me the Heimlich maneuver. The jawbreaker flew out, and Virginia calmly took us on our way.

That's the way she's always been: deal with the crisis and get on with business as usual. It made perfect sense that she's become an ER nurse. Whether she was working in the emergency room or the operating room, she's always been capable, professional, and completely accurate.

Virginia puts her medical knowledge to good use. I work with seniors and persons with disabilities. You can call her at any hour of the day or night and get a clear explanation of any medical issue and the best action to take; I know because I have done it many times. She can tell you what virtually any medication is for and its possible effects because she reads medical and nursing journals all the time.

She's provided me with professional and personal help when it really mattered, including when my mother was terminally ill with cancer.

Virginia really cares!

Virginia is very good at sensing what could go wrong or did go wrong. As nursing director at the state psych hospital in Pendleton, she could find missing relatives of patients that nobody else could. That experience made her even better at interacting with mentally ill people or those with disabilities.

Her two sons fight wildfires, and her husband and son-in-law are law enforcement officers, so she truly understands how their families feel.

Virginia loves kids the most. When I was a teenager she gave us plenty of advice on all the risky behaviors we weren't to do, and then she'd help us if we did. Walla Walla County is lucky to have Virginia Romine!

Julie Recla

Vale, Ore.

Walla Walla Tea Party Patriots want country back

In responding to Steven E. Woolley's request for more detail about tea party patriots, I sense that his comment is not without guile. Others categorized it as condescending or surly.

Regardless. The tea party, in general, came into being about two years ago when the actions of the present administration and its rhetoric caused significant concern. It did not match. Rapidly, people of similar views coalesced into a national movement.

The Walla Walla Tea Party Patriots formed prior to the April 15, 2010, rally as a part of a loosely organized network to affect the thought and direction of the dominant political parties, and to influence candidate selection. It has no interest in forming a third party just to split the vote and elect undesirable candidates.

Our makeup: Members of the greatest generation, definitely their progeny. Independent business people. Strong female participation and leadership. Political neophytes who have graduated from raising families and making ends meet to enter the political arena. Those who have experienced a political reawakening.

We are also gaining some momentum in the younger generation that is slowly coming to the realization this will all fall on its shoulders to pay for it. Since our advent, opposition has arisen (liberals, unionists, intellectuals, politicos) to paint us as racists, bigots or intellectual inferiors.

All this in accordance with the tenets of Saul Alinsky. Identify, target and destroy your opposition by any means necessary.

The WWTPP has focused on three primary missions of governance: 1) fiscal responsibility 2) limited government 3) free-market economy.

It has been reported that the present administration has accumulated more federal debt in 20 months than all previous administrations combined. In the next budget cycle, each dollar of spending would require 43 cents of debt. National debt was $11.5 trillion at inauguration projected at $13.2 trillion in 2010, $20 trillion by 2020 and $30 trillion by 2030. The percentage of people living in poverty has also increased. Does anyone really believe this is sustainable??

Mr. Woolley must be joking to think there are no non-productive people in our society. Millions are in our prisons, not to mention our streets. Our welfare system consumes billions of dollars annually. Is he saying these are not transfers from the productive to the non-productive?

Unfunded government liabilities are measured in the hundreds of trillions of dollars. Just who does he think will pay for this? WWTPP wants our country back!

Kenneth D.Emerson

Walla Walla

Walla Walla Sweets Roller Girls are winners

Congratulations to the Walla Walla Sweets Roller Girls travel team "Crushtown Mafia" on its win in Olympia on Sept. 11.

These girls have practiced for over a year now and all their time and effort paid off for them. Let's acknowledge coach Gage Gascon and coach Cassy for believing in them and giving up a lot more then any of us know.

Keep up the great work ladies. It has been a pleasure watching you ladies grow from your birth on Sept. 9, 2009, to now. Looking forward to more home bouts and future bouts out of town with the teams on the WWSRG!

Sherrill Bierman

Walla Walla

Out-of-state support for Turner a concern

I am writing this letter regarding the upcoming election. I have been undecided on which candidate I should vote for. However, after reading a few letters to the editor, I believe I know which candidate will be better qualified for the job of sheriff for Walla Walla.

I don't understand how someone from Alabama or California would know who would be the better candidate. I also question why any candidate would find it necessary to recruit support from non-residents of Washington state.

Also the money that has been donated to John Turner's campaign from outside the state of Washington bothers me. It sounds like the supporter from California might be looking for a job in the future.

I don't not know either candidate personally, but given the local support that Bill White has received from local law enforcement sources, I believe he will be the better man for the job. He has been involved with local law enforcement for a number of years. He knows the community and the needs of people who will elect him.

I will be casting my vote for Bill White.

Ada Tergeson

Walla Walla

Save the country - vote

I heard some questions the other day I think it worth repeating. Are you worried about America? Are you worried about the road it is being taken down?

We need to get out and vote. We need to vote for the conservatives who are on the ballot. We need to take back our country and the only way we can do that is to vote.

Our ballots are sent to us in the mail and all you have to do is register to vote, then mark your ballots when you get it and sign them, put them back in the return envelope, stamp it and then put it back in the mail. How hard is that?

If you are worried about the way this president and Congress are taking our country and the trillions of dollars that we now owe you have to vote. If you love this country and don't like the way it is being run please take 10 minutes to fill out your ballo t and send it back in.

We need to balance our national budget. Our children, grandchildren and our great-grandchildren will never know what it is to be free of debt if we don't. We have to stop the spending.

Can you run a budget by spending more and more? The reasoning of this president and Congress is to spend our way our of debt. Can you do that? I can't.

Please, please get out and vote. Send in your ballots and hope we can get someone in that will stop the spending. Remember the most important thing is to register to vote then do it.

Lydia Whipple

Walla Walla

New York mosque not about religious freedom

Listening to Barack Obama's speech, he says the pastor who had planned to burn the Quran was being provocative. However, he doesn't see the imam's threat, that if the Ground Zero mosque isn't built, that terror will follow as equally provocative.

As usual, he is being pretty selective toward the Islamic side. What must be understood is that Islam is much more than a religion. It is a whole political system that operates under a completely different system of law.

Sharia law is highly offensive to women in particular and is a religion with no tolerance to others. I am in favor of tolerance, but this is a system that will be not only offensive to our society, but by design destructive. There is no place in Islam for our constitutional form of self-government.

As a non believer, I would be placed in a very definitely second-class position. I would be a "dhimma" and effectively a "guilty" person. Guilty of being a non-believer and I would be allowed to live, but would never be accorded equal status.

As I see it, the Islamic religion cannot be removed from secular law as we do in the United States. This is our country, and if people want to come here and live, then they will need to conform to our established laws, and not require us to change to suit theirs. There is no place for Sharia law in our society. Islam is not a religion of tolerance, and I would be the first to allow them freedom to do as they wish here, if they would do the same to us.

This mosque in New York has nothing to do with freedom of religion, and everything to do with using our tolerance and freedoms against us.

Don Danielson

Walla Walla

Visits to Walla Walla's library a pleasure

I have recently moved to Walla Walla and find it a fine place to live with friendly people, many activities and good city government. I would especially like to commend the Walla Walla Public Library where I spend time browsing through a good selection of books, reading peacefully, enquiring about all aspects of Walla Walla from the friendly staff plus enjoying membership in the library book club.

I see small children, with parents in tow, happily checking out books, seniors taking advantage of all the library has to offer, and people busy at the computers.

Walla Walla deserves praise for having such a fine library. I am here from Nairobi, Kenya. Kenya is a poor country and can not have such libraries so I find my visits to the library truly a pleasure.

Casey Burns

Walla Walla

It is privilege to endorse Turner

It gives me great pleasure to write this letter in support of John turner on the occasion of his intent to seek the office of sheriff in Walla Walla County. I am honored to have this opportunity to celebrate his countless admirable qualities and skills that will contribute to a successful campaign and a rewarding career as sheriff.

My personal and professional experiences with him persuade me that he would be an extremely valuable addition to the communities' law enforcement executive team and advance all issues of concern and improve the public safety of those citizens you serve.

As a professional serving with him in Iraq as a law enforcement professional, I witnessed his boundless abilities that contributed to our complex and challenging mission. He consistently demonstrated a sincere commitment to personal and team success.

As a 30-year veteran of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, I have found his rigorous standards of excellence an example admired by myself and fellow professionals throughout Iraq. I have been fortunate to have worked with some of the most charismatic and respected sheriffs in the country, including Charles Plummer of Alameda County, and Turner's passionate characteristics and skillful professionalism will bode you well as sheriff of your community.

I have worked within the federal law enforcement community for over 35 years and I have enjoyed countless successes and accomplishments. My career as a FBI special agent and subject matter expert in the private industry and academic community has afforded me many opportunities to work with and associate with many professionals and law enforcement leaders.

Rarely do I recognize an individual as possessing all the qualities and ethical standards as Turner.

He has been an indispensable asset to our team and his direct contributions have resulted in numerous mission achievements within an extremely challenging environment. It has been a lifetime honor to associate with such a compassionate and caring professional.

Without question John, possess the intellectual abilities, personal drive and moral core necessary to succeed and lead this agency in a new and difficult world. I take special privilege in endorsing him for sheriff of Walla Walla County.

Edward L. Freyer

Windsor, Calif.

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