LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - U-B shouldn't have published photo


Why did you run the graphic, front-page photo of local woman, Frances Hansen, trapped in her car? It seems to me such depictions are only appropriate when they are essential to exposing an important journalistic fact that is otherwise undiscoverable.

The other photo, of the upside-down car, provided all the visual information anyone needed to understand what happened. At the time of reporting, there was still a question of why it happened, but that wasn't served, either, by the photo in question, except to indicate, possibly, that Mrs. Hansen was still conscious.

The U-B website has a photo of rescuers extracting her from the car that is informative and useful without being at Mrs. Hansen's expense. But the one you ran, of her terrified face smashed against the roof and window of her car, lowered the U-B to sensationalism. It was tasteless, unnecessary, and potentially damaging to the woman and her family with no redeeming journalistic value.

I hope never to see anything like this in the Union-Bulletin again.

Laurie Logsdon
Walla Walla


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