LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Bill White has earned our support


In my 43 years in the criminal justice system as a defense lawyer, prosecutor and judge, every elected sheriff during that time came up through the ranks.

During the past 23 years or so we have been blessed with two exceptional sheriffs, Mike Humphreys, the current sheriff, and Bill Jackson before him.

Bill White is cut from the same cloth. He, too, has come up from the ranks. First as a line/patrol deputy, driving our roads and protecting our persons and properties, to captain in charge of all criminal investigations. Bill has also taken on more administrative duties, including scheduling of staff assignments, working on the budget and writing grants.

Bill White has served us well for 30 years, trained under the best and is well deserving of our vote. Bill White is in fact the only qualified candidate for sheriff. That is why both Mike Humphreys and Bill Jackson, as well as the great majority of police officers and deputy sheriffs, are all supporting Bill White.

Giving my support to Bill White is easy because I know Bill White. But who is John Turner? We do know that Mr. Turner hit Walla Walla like a whirlwind. Overnight hundreds of his signs appeared all over the county at homes and businesses that probably do not even know who he is.

Well he has certainly proven himself to be an exceptional politician, articulate, flamboyant in his presentation, educated and obviously convincing.

But for Walla Walla, which has always been a close knit community and one which awards its own, it is amazing that Mr. Turner was able to obtain 54 percent of the primary vote over a local citizen who served us so well for the past 30 years and has earned our support.

The only work that I'm aware of that Mr. Turner has done in Walla Walla County is the approximately three years with Ash Hollow Vineyard and Winery.

How did he do there and why did he leave? That's debatable!

Jerry Votendahl
Walla Walla


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