LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Combining departments is wrong


The plan to combine the city and county building departments is wrong.

I would have to think that whoever came up with this idea does not have a clue what they are doing and knows nothing about what goes on with the building permit process. The county has had only one inspector for over a year and he has only one day a week to review plans but it has done a super job in getting permits read.

I don't do a volume of work where I draw very many permits, but when I do it is handled professionally and friendly. The city department works well also.

The requirements for permits can be different in the city because the city and county are two different parts of our community. County living is not the same as living in the city. There should always be county and city separation just as the building departments should be separate.

I have been involved with both for 30 years and respect the decisions made with my projects. There are regulations that apply to work that can or cannot be done. It takes time for a set of plans to pass through different departments for review so if somebody thinks the process is too slow I should have to say -- relax.

I recently learned the employees in these departments are to receive pink slips with the option of applying for their current jobs or different ones after many years of service. This is wrong.

Is the city manager working on this problem or is he getting a pink slip also? If the budget is a problem why purchase 13 new police cars right now? If there is a change who is to say that anything will be any different. The building inspectors for the county and city are very knowledgeable and do their jobs well -- the best that we have ever had?

The permit process works as it should. I have always enjoyed going to the county with a set of plans and an application and not experiencing any hassles. When I deal with the city if I get everything into Shelley's hands -- life is good.

So before whoever is wanting to screw up what is working just fine you might want to take time to communicate with all the employees in the departments involved and the rest of us pilgrims and if something needs to be refined or whatever then so be it.

Communication is important. Jumping to a conclusion from a suggestion from people that basically don't know what they are doing is wrong.

Brian Wade Hergert
Walla Walla


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