LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Protect small creatures from cruel people


It is with great sadness that I write this letter, which I do in the hopes of saving someone else the grief I am suffering.

About a month ago my cat, Dallas, a neutered male who had been part of our family for at least four years failed to come home.

To make a long story short, despite great efforts, I have not seen Dallas since. It is now my belief, based on information provided by neighbors and a known history of similar activity, that Dallas was trapped by a cat hater and either killed or dumped somewhere out in the country.

I had never thought to put an identification tag on Dallas with his name and our phone number. Had I done so, perhaps the outcome would have been different. With an ID tag, no one could claim the belief that he was feral or that his owner was unknown.

To pet owners everywhere a threat exists, take great care with your cats. Do not let them wander as there are many cruel people out there who care nothing for the lives of the small creatures who give us so much love and happiness, people who think nothing of killing or dumping these loving pets.

I hope and pray that the person who took my Dallas from me reads this letter and realizes how much pain he has caused me and my husband. But then, anyone who can do what he did to one of God's creatures can't have much of a conscience or humanity for his fellow mankind, now can he?

Virginia Cook
College Place


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