LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Rea Culwell is the right choice


I urge Columbia County citizens to educate themselves on the ualifications, experience and character of the two candidates running for prosecuting attorney in the upcoming election.

Earlier this summer, I had the opportunity to hear both Rea Culwell, our current prosecutor, and Randy Lewis, the challenger, speak.

Culwell's comments re-established her commitment to stand strong for the people of Columbia County. She said she would not dismiss cases just to keep her "win-loss record" looking pretty. She promised that she would continue to fight such things as unfunded mandates and regulations that burden small, rural communities.

Quite frankly, Lewis has me worried. When he spoke, his demeanor felt confrontational. Was this necessary? We were among friends, and if this happens in a small group setting, I wonder what will happen when victims who are scared and need an advocate might have to deal with an intimidating personality?

He also commented that it didn't matter that he hadn't passed the Washington State Bar Exam, that he "knows all the tricks" and can do the job. How is that possible?

Because there is no method whereby Lewis can directly transfer his law credentials from Louisiana to open a practice here in Washington, he had to take a backdoor path by way of North Dakota to obtain his license to practice in the state of Washington. Washington state has laws and regulations that are unique only to our great state. How can he possibly know, understand, comprehend and put into practice our state laws if he hasn't studied them and passed the bar exam?

Rea Culwell is the right choice for Columbia County's prosecuting attorney, and Rea is my choice!

About a year ago, I observed a jury trial where she was the prosecutor. She was incredibly professional with all involved, including witnesses, the defendant, opposing counsel, the judge and jury. She handled herself and her case with knowledge of the details and the law.

Rea is an exceptional attorney and we are very lucky to have her talent here in Columbia County.

I want a qualified, level-headed and experienced attorney with a successfully proven track record as our prosecutor. Someone who is professional, has integrity, compassion, a strong sense of ethics and morals and a broad sense of our community. Rea meets and exceeds my expectations. That is why I will vote again for her.

Please join me and re-elect Rea Culwell.

Aileen Warren


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