LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Turner created buzz on job in Iraq


I had the pleasure of serving with John Turner for my final six months in Baghdad as part of Operation Iraq Freedom. I can now say that John Turner is a good friend of mine and am extremely happy that the Army provided me with an opportunity to meet a person of John's caliber.

I was amazed at the buzz around the office when John took over as our law enforcement professional mid-tour due to his work ethic and competence at investigating and apprehending Iraqi criminals. John was able to cross cultural and lingual boundaries to be an invaluable asset to our organization.

Everyone from our commander to the individual intelligence analyst gave constant praise to John for his work ethic and competence.

On a personal level, John has become a very good friend of mine. I made a trip to Walla Walla to visit John and his wife shortly after I returned from Iraq. John was extremely hospitable and was very proud of Walla Walla, as he should be. It is a beautiful down and I really enjoyed my time there.

However, even though Walla Walla is a relatively small community, it still faces 21st century problems. Being from a small rural town (Quincy, Ill.) myself, I can assure you where there are people there are drugs and crime. I can think of no better person to combat these problems than John Turner.

He has experience with these issues on a large scale and can use that experience on a smaller scale in Walla Walla. John's biggest strength in this area is that he is proactive and not reactive. John knows the signs and what to look for, which will enable him to solve small problems before they turn into bigger ones.

John is very proficient with enforcement and investigation, and will be a great asset as sheriff to train his deputies in the latest law enforcement techniques.

The only complaint I have with John Turner is that he is not running for sheriff in Adams County, Ill.

Jared R. Lunt
Fort Riley, Kan.


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