LETTER TO THE EDITOR - John Turner did not misappropriate funds


I have been hearing rumors that John Turner was spending Ash Hollow's funds for personal expenses. I felt it was important that someone respond.

John is one of the partners of Ash Hollow and he was offered the position as its managing partner in July 2004. In June, 2008 he was offered and accepted a position in Iraq. It was in the law enforcement area, which had been John's lifetime area of expertise and true passion.

Our accounting firm is John Turner's personal tax accountant. I have John's permission to share his personal confidential information so I can verify facts as I know them with respect to John and these transactions related to Ash Hollow and his personal finances.

During the time John was employed by Ash Hollow, there were months where John would not receive a pay check so other responsibilities of the company could be met. Also during this time, John loaned the company large sums of money.

With the approval of the management committee and in an attempt to help Ash Hollow, John agreed to convert some of this debt into shares of Ash Hollow LLC.

In addition, as the managing partner John was allowed to use the Ash Hollow business credit card in an ongoing attempt to repay John money owed him by Ash Hollow. Through my experience as a CPA, I would say that most business owners would understand this practice and would even say it is quite common to repay loans from an owner in this fashion.

John Turner did not steal, embezzle or otherwise misappropriate these Ash Hollow funds. Ash Hollow LLC still owes John Turner a large sum of money from this time period. He is a fair and honorable man.

John will make a great sheriff of Walla Walla County.

Courtney Moore
Walla Walla


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