LETTER TO THE EDITOR - Try to keep stores inside city limits


Perhaps, just perhaps ... if the city and some of the stiff-necks downtown work hard enough they may be able to force Mr. Catsiff and Inland Octopus out of Walla Walla and into College Place because of the addition of a mural to his new location. That seems to be the direction a number of other (soon to be formerly in Walla Walla) businesses are headed and I guess I can't blame them.

Gilbert Auto and Les Schwab, Community Bank and probably the Ford dealership as well as others seem to think that pastures are greener "out West." They might be right!

There seems to be little sense in shopping in downtown Walla Walla anyway. I certainly do not mind a walk, but trying to find any parking near downtown without a six- to eight-block walk is difficult on weekdays and I am healthy enough to make it that far. How about the seniors who are not so fortunate, but would still like to go to lunch or visit a downtown retailer?

It seems that downtown employees "own" those spots as so amply demonstrated by a recent letter chastising the parking attendant for even suggesting that one of them park outside the core.

Come on folks! It would seem that a downtown that supports a store with the name "Hot Poop" (and its sign) would have a much better sense of humor! Hot Poop is, after all, the finest and oldest surviving privately owned music store in the state and Inland Octopus seems to be just as whimsical and is full of fun, safe and educational toys for all ages! I see them both as a major draw to downtown!

Why don't we try at least once to keep retail sales and attached tax dollars that are needed so much inside the limits of the city of Walla Walla?

John Martin
Walla Walla


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