LETTER TO THE EDITOR - What if octopus was holding wine glass?


You have a businessman in town who I am sure has paid his dues for the past however long he has had his doors opened -- rent, taxes, Foundation dues, etc.

He has a very good following as far as I can tell by the comments I have heard. He has held the same theme for his business ever since the first day. The Union-Bulletin, I'm sure, has welcomed and taken every dime of advertising dollars this business has wanted, using this same theme.

And to top it off, I could wager that some of the same people who are trying to get him to take his artwork down have been in his establishment, and probably have even asked him to special order something because they just could not find it anywhere else.

I am thinking the whole flap here is, it has nothing whatsoever to do with the wine industry so it is out of place.

Let us not talk about some of the ridiculous so-called artwork that is on every corner, or the ridiculous cow with the hole all the way through, standing outside the library, or the painting on the wall on the other side of that same building.

I'm sure as those who want to participate in the uppity wino scenic arena downtown get a few glasses down that, the dog or the headless chicken looks pretty real, so it is OK then.

I feel Mr. Catsiff made a mistake by not finishing his art mural. Had he asked for a painted wine glass in one or more tentacles, his mural would have been accepted with open arms. Or even better yet, had he opened a corner of his store to sell wine-making equipment, and possibly a tasting room, he would have been hailed a top businessman.

Come on you people who are supposed to be running the city, if this is supposedly outside the so-called regulations of some voting body, then why isn't it clear, cut and dried.

Mr. Catsiff said he did his homework. If the rules are so vague they can't be read in black and white, then get them written that way. But for now leave the poor man alone.

Why waste all this time and money on one piece of artwork, when a person almost has to own a four-wheel drive rig to navigate some of the streets of Walla Walla.

Oh, maybe if I had a couple of glasses of wine I wouldn't notice those streets so much.

David Base Sr.


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