LETTER TO THE EDITOR - Bill White has served public well


Walla Walla County has been fortunate to have had Mike Humphreys, and Bill Jackson before him, as sheriff. Bill White is cast from the same mold.

Bill has helped Mike Humphreys make our Sheriff's Office extremely effective even with limited budgets and resources. I have worked with Bill on hundreds of criminal cases for over 25 years, and found his varied experience in law enforcement and knowledge of Washington law extremely helpful.

As a law enforcement instructor he has been a mentor for new deputies. Bill and his wife, Lora, have raised their family in this Valley, and Bill has helped fight the drug abuse and gang problems facing our families. He has dedicated his life to working for the citizens of Walla Walla County.

Bill has stuck with the job through some of our county's most difficult years. He has a common-sense approach to solving our problems and does not let politics and personalities get in the way of his work. Bill has been willing to put in the extra hours to get the work done even when faced with shortages in staff and time. He did not just walk into his job, but learned it from the ground up.

He has not attempted to promote himself or gain a lot of publicity for himself, but has continued to do his job day after day, year after year, and for Walla Walla County. I urge every voter to cast their ballot for Bill White for sheriff.

Jim Nagle

Walla Walla


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