LETTER TO THE EDITOR - Clean up real messes in Walla Walla


I have to chuckle reading all the controversy over the Inland Octopus mural. It seems that Main Street is the only street in Walla Walla that means anything.

The city wants to remove a wall painting (that I don't particularly like) but has allowed the only real eyesore on our streets to remain -- that being the mess at Blue Mountain Mall. I keep hearing the excuse it can't figure out who the owners are. Yeah I believe it has really tried hard to figure that out.

I read the city's definition of a sign. That's a pretty broad definition that can be used against or for any project it wants or doesn't want. That building is not owned by the city and if the tenant and the owner agree on the decorations I don't think it is the city's business. It is not degrading to anyone, it has no political or religious significance and doesn't cost the city or other businesses a dime.

I believe if the property owners on Main Street want to set up a committee to determine art or sign requirements then they should do that not the city. The citiy's only concern should be safety and decency in the designs.

I personally think Main Street is beautiful and anyone who would paint over a natural brick store front is visually impaired. But that's just an opinion and everybody has one of those.

Clean up the real messes around town and leave the business owners alone.

Earnie Crewse

College Place


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