LETTER TO THE EDITOR - Patty Murray, come home!


Now is the time to decide if we are going to send Patty Murray back to the Senate for a six-year, highly paid vacation.

Patty has been good at bringing home the bacon. Do you think she knows she is selling a little bit of Washington to China and the grandkids will have to buy it back someday?

Team Patty must be clairvoyant this year. It knows what Rossi will do before he knows he is going to do it. It tends to fanaticize and shade the truth a lot.

I wouldn't believe one word if any Patty ad. Patty has proven beyond any doubt that she will never be another "Scoop" Jackson or Warren Magnuson.

She is Harry Reid's senator, not Washington.

Patty, the mom in tennis shoes (sneakers) needs to come home so she can enjoy the grandkids.

Bill Hauf



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