LETTER TO THE EDITOR - The city is overstepping its authority


It appears that certain City Council members and the City Attorney Mr. Donaldson are willing to spend a whole lot of taxpayer dollars to "fight" a child-friendly mural.

Mr. Donaldson claims the mural is breaking city code in reference to signage. The mural in question has a clear separation between it and the store's sign below. Mr. Donaldson and several members of the City Council appear to have taken it upon themselves to grant them "king" hats. They want to create laws based on their personal beliefs and create such laws after the fact.

Mr. Shawa was quoted as stating there have been a number of complaints about the mural. There are approximately 31,000 residents in the city. For Mr. Donaldson to spend taxpayer dollars it would seem to me that -- A: There is a danger to the community B: There is a clear immoral purpose or message or C: A majority of the public (at least 15,810 residents) have voiced concern.

This mural does not violate A, B or C. Nor does it violate any city codes on signage. It is not a sign, it is a mural and if Mr. Donaldson and his posse were to drive around the city they would find many more murals on businesses.

This mural may not aesthetically blend with the historic downtown image, but contrast is a good thing. Art is in the eye of the beholder. There are "art" pieces in this town that taxpayers paid up to six figures for that are questionable. Taxpayers didn't foot one cent of the cost of this mural, the store owner did for his local business.

My opinion is Mr. Donaldson and his posse need to focus spending taxpayer dollars on A and B. Maybe get a few of the detraining homes, yards filled junk and sidewalks cover with puncture vine cleaned up or maybe work on gangs and drugs in and around the schools.

Mr. Donaldson and the posse should have more pertinent things to spend taxpayer dollars on besides fighting a local businessman's child-friendly mural.

Amy White

Walla Walla


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