Oregon ups biodiesel proportion in state's fuel blend


SALEM -- Diesel fuel in Oregon is going to get greener.

Agriculture officials have announced the amount of biodiesel blended in Oregon's diesel fuel will increase to five percent starting today. Previously, diesel sold in Oregon has contained 2 percent biodiesel.

Oregon's renewable fuel standard, passed in 2007 and amended in 2009 by the state Legislature, requires a 5 percent biodiesel blend to be sold once in-state production capacity reaches 15 million gallons. When Oregon's production capacity increased last year, it triggered the new requirement.

In a release, Bruce Pokarney, ODA spokesman, said the state Department of Agriculture will work with fuel dealers to make sure they are selling a five percent biodiesel blend. The impact of the blend increase on most diesel fuel users in Oregon will be minimal, he said.

Information is available at (503) 986-4565 or at (503) 986-4767.


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