Charlotte Randall


Charlotte Randall
Jan. 7, 1922 - April 2, 2011

With respect to her pride and comfort, Charlotte Mary Palmer Randall joined family and friends for the final stage of her corporeal journey. Drawing her last breath in peace, she reunited with her husband, parents, brother Ted, niece Jeanie Lou, sister Louise, and a host of others before her.

Charlotte would not pass up an opportunity to boast about her family and particularly her two children, Mary Charlotte Randall of Wells, N.Y., and Aaron Henry Randall of Walla Walla. Other surviving family members include, granddaughter, Amber K. Randall; and daughter-in-law, Connie Taylor Randall of Walla Walla; nieces, Laurie Walker and Susan Joann Grady; nephews, Frank Palmer Miles and Jim Randall; great nephews, Alexander Miles, Ryan Walker, Paul and Mark Grady; great nieces, Mackenzie and Delaney Walker, and great-great nieces, Caylinn and Eva Joy Grady, two very recent arrivals.

Born and raised in Herkimer, N.Y., Charlotte graduated from the Faxton School of Nursing and served during World War II as a lieutenant RN in the U.S. Army. Attending to wounded soldiers in Atlantic City, she met Wallace Roy "Randy" Randall, and they married Feb. 5, 1946. With Charlotte at his side, Randy earned his ordination as a pastor of the United Methodist Church. Their shared ministry began in Brooklyn, N.Y., where both Aaron and Mary were born, to Bethel, Conn., and then northward up the west side of the Hudson River serving a total of six parishes for over 40 years until Randy's passing in February 1987.

Charlotte continued her husband's ministry and active involvements for 23 years in Wells, N.Y., the location of many memorable summer vacations growing up, nestled in her beloved Adirondack Mountains. Charlotte loved to read, usually several books at once. She was a lifelong supporter of many causes, local fundraisers, walks for MS, and an ardent advocate for education, environmental protection, historical preservation and human justice. Throughout the final months of hospitalizations, many hours were spent at her bedside, reminiscing about fun, fond memories, always returning to the theme as Charlotte would express, "How very blessed and fortunate we have been."

These were things learned from mother:
* Maintain a positive outlook on life and trust the
inherent good in people.
* Express gratitude and appreciation.
* Be a good listener.
* Be unselfish.
* Hold firm, honor, and nurture good friendships.
* Learning is a lifelong process calling at times for
reassessing how little you know.
* Honor the commitment of marriage, recognizing
that it takes continuous effort, sacrifice, compromise
(and a sense of humor), to make it work and prosper.
* Be civil.
* Model integrity.
* Live the renewing and sustaining gift of faith.
* Give to others as there are too many who are less
fortunate, not having the basic things we take
for granted.
* Plant a garden and compost biodegradables.
* Recycle and don't be wasteful.
* Incorporate daily exercise.
* Share sincere compliments to others all the time.
* Take in information from multiple sources and
points of view.
* Live your beliefs and when called upon be valiant.

For those who knew Charlotte, she will be remembered for her kind spirit and her active caring nature. As a deliberately slow and steadfast walker, she knew how to take in everything around her with all her senses from the sounds of the birds and other fauna, the smell of the trees and flowers, and the feel of the sun and the breeze to the taste of a wild strawberry, blueberry or the tender leaf of the wintergreen.

To her neighbors, fellow church members, senior citizens' group, and the school children of Wells, N.Y., our heartfelt gratitude. To the new friendships made and the excellent care provided at Albany, .N.Y, Medical Center, Walla Walla's Providence St. Mary Medical Center, Northern Idaho Advanced Care Hospital, Walla Walla Hospice, and caregivers Angelica (Hekka) Billings and Alma Vargas, our deepest thanks.

A memorial service will be held Saturday, April 9, 2011, at 4:30 p.m. at Grace United Methodist Church, 1520 Pleasant St. in Walla Walla. At a date to be determined, a final celebration of life will follow in Wells, N.Y. She will be interred at Oakhill Cemetery in Herkimer, N.Y. Memorial contributions may be made to the United Methodist Church of Wells, N.Y., or a charity of choice through the Herring Groseclose Funeral Home, 315 W. Alder St., Walla Walla, WA 99362.


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