Feast Walla Walla bursting at seams

Last year's attendance was just over 400, but this year the foundation had 532 tickets sold by 3 p.m.



Among the mass of food plates, glasses and people, a group of friends finds enough space to pose for a photo inside the Feast Walla Walla tent Saturday afternoon.


Red wine legs drip inside a wine glass as a woman swirls one of her tastes during Feast Walla Walla 2011.


U-B FILE PHOTO: Tuxedo-attired limousine driver Mike Rose and his son Daniel (right) select some desserts to sample from Olive during Feast Walla Walla 2011. Rose said he was not working but because of the tuxedo several people had asked if he could drive them after the event.

WALLA WALLA - Three new food vendors and 40 extra feet were probably the most notable changes for this year's Feast Walla Walla.

But the biggest change was the record-breaking number of customers who filled a massive tent that spanned almost from crosswalk to crosswalk on First Avenue between Main and Alder street.

Downtown Walla Walla Foundation Executive Director Elio Agostini said the original plan was to add an extra 60 feet of tent this year to create a tee-shaped structure that would have branched out on Main Street, closing off two major downtown byways.

Rather than deal with the City Hall obstacles associated with closing off Main Street, the foundation opted for only 40 feet of extra tent, which seemed to be just about the right size for this year's record-breaking event.

"We are doing a lot better this year. Pre-sales were a lot better. And the day sales, we sold 200 this year," Agostini said, as he moved over to allow another couple to inquire about another set of day-sale tickets.

Last year's attendance was just over 400, but this year the foundation had 532 tickets sold by 3 p.m.

Add to this the 60 volunteers and a number of complimentary passes, and Agostini said they probably had well over 600 people under the larger tent.

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