Library offers internet, books, classes, downloads


It's National Library Week and a great time to visit your public library.

Public libraries have always been a community's source for information and research.

Over the past two decades, the manner in which information is organized, stored and accessed has undergone tremendous changes. Public libraries have kept up with those changes and offer internet access, research databases, computer classes, downloadable e-books and audiobooks, books-on-cd and dvds.

At the Walla Walla Public Library you just need a library card to download books onto a Nook, Kindle, computer or a smart phone and it's free - no credit card, no fees.

And, of course, it is free to check out library books, dvds, books on cd, large print books, magazines, attend library programs, learn a language, join a book club, use the internet, type a resume, find a wiring diagram for car repairs, and read the latest advice from Consumer Reports.

Public libraries are one of the community's great equalizers. If you can't afford a computer, or you'd rather not buy that book or magazine subscription, use your library!

To see the amazing economic value of a library card, visit

Beginning on April 11th, if you find someone who lives in the city or in Walla Walla County and they do not have a library card, introduce them to the Walla Walla Public Library. We'll present them with the best card in their wallet, a library card . . . and you'll get a prize!

For more information about the Saturday celebration of National Library Week, visit


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