Sports awards slated for May 11

The Blue Mountain Sports Awards will honor area student-athletes for their work.


WALLA WALLA - Athletes coaches and teams from throughout the region will once again be honored during the 35th annual Blue Mountain Sports Awards held May 11 in conjunction with annual Blue Mountain Youth Recognition Evening.

The event, which is cosponsored by the Walla Walla Union-Bulletin and Baker Boyer Bank, will be held at the Walla Walla Elks Lodge and is scheduled to begin at 7 p.m. It is free of charge and open to the public.

Sports awards will be presented in five categories and are based on achievements during the spring sports season of 2010 through the 2011 winter sports season.

The five categories are: Male Athlete of the Year, Female Athlete of the Year, Scholar-Athlete of the Year, Coach of the Year and Team of the Year. In addition, one student from each high school in the Union-Bulletin circulation area will be recognized for his or her scholastic achievements, citizenship and leadership skills.

The U-B circulation area includes 13 high schools and three colleges.

High schools under consideration are Wa-Hi, DeSales, Walla Walla Valley Academy, Mac-Hi, Touchet, Waitsburg, Prescott, Dayton, Pomeroy, Burbank, Weston-McEwen, Helix and Nixyaawii. The three colleges are Whitman College, Walla Walla University and Walla Walla Community College.

A selection panel, which includes representatives from each school in the area plus other at-large members, considers an original field of nominations that has been compiled by the U-B sports staff. The panel first votes to narrow each of the five categories into lists of finalists, then votes a second time to decide the winners.

The finalists names will be published in the U-B prior to the May 11 announcement of the winners at the recognition evening.

Last year's winners were Wa-Hi basketball star Gary Winston, Male Athlete of the Year; WWCC basketball standout Katie Isham, Female Athlete of the Year; Whitman College's Christoph Fuchs, Scholar-Athlete of the Year; WWCC women's basketball coach Bobbi Hazeltine, Coach of the Year; and the WWCC women's basketball team, Team of the Year.

This year the selection panel will consider an original list of 179 nominees in the male category, 137 female nominees, 35 scholar-athletes, 65 coaches and 55 teams.

Blue Mountain Sports Awards Nominations


Alex Aumodt, WWVA track; Zac Alexanco, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Derek Anderson, Pomeroy track; Ricky Angel, Mac-Hi tennis; Justin Armstrong, Waitsburg-Prescott football-track; Otis Armstrong, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Jon Atchley, Pomeroy track; Tyler Babb, Weston-McEwen basketball; Nason Babbitt, Wa-Hi wrestling; Laine Baze, WWCC rodeo; Dakota Baker, Waitsburg-Prescott golf; Zach Bartlow, Waitsburg-Prescott basketball-football.

Ryan Buamgart, DeSales football-golf; Sean Beale, Pomeroy basketball; Colton Bickelhaupt, Dayton football; Justin Bingman, Pomeroy track; Brandon Bissell, WWVA track; Tre Brannock, Waitsburg-Prescott football; Jay Breithaupt, Pomeroy football; Anthony Brown, DeSales track; Kendall Brown, Mac-Hi track; Alex Bonczyk, WWCC baseball; Conner Bottomley, Whitman soccer; David Brock, Waitsburg-Prescott football; Josh Bumgarner, Wa-Hi swimming; Ryan Bullock, Mac-Hi wrestling;

Marshall Byerley, Touchet baseball; Kris Cady, Waitsburg-Prescott basketball-football-track; David Camarena, Mac-Hi cross country; Nick Carpenter, Waitsburg-Prescott cross county; Kenny Carr, Pomeroy wrestling-track; Jesus Ceron, Wa-Hi track; Jacob Christopher, Weston-McEwen cross country-track; Zach Conlee, Mac-Hi track; Aleks Cortez, Mac-Hi tennis; Nik Cortez, Mac-Hi tennis; Riley Croghan, Mac-Hi baseball; Cooper Crosby, Whitman soccer; Kyle Darby, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Cameron Davis, Wa-Hi tennis; Seth Deal, Waitsburg-Prescott cross country-track; Joab Dehri, DeSales track; Eshon Estes, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Jose Esparza, Mac-Hi cross country.

Brady Espinoza, WWCC soccer; Ryan Evans, Wa-Hi wrestling; Junior Flores, Mac-Hi soccer; Oscar Flores, Mac-Hi soccer; Moises Frazier, Walla Walla Rodeo Club; Hayden Fullerton, Dayton basketball; Alberto Garcia, Mac-Hi soccer; Joel Garcia, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Austin Garrett, Wa-Hi swimming; Garrett Gerling, Wa-Hi track; Grant Germain, Waitsburg-Prescott football; Patrick Giedeman, Wa-Hi swimming; Andrew Glaeser, Wa-Hi soccer; Tuff Goble, Touchet baseball; Omar Gomez, Mac-Hi tennis; Dean Greenwalt, Weston-McEwen football.

Tommy Gregg, DeSales basketball-football-baseball; Luken Gerke, Waitsburg-Prescott baseball; Kameron Guajardo, Burbank track; Nick Gutzwiler, WWCC rodeo; Matt Hair, Mac-Hi golf; Moe Handcox, Wa-Hi football; Michael Hanson, WWVA track; Corban Hegdal, Weston-McEwen track; Jacob Heikkenen, DeSales track; Dain Henderson, Dayton golf; John Hockersmith, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Jonah Hoe, Wa-Hi track; Jake Hodnefield, Touchet football-basketball-baseball; TJ Hofer, Waitsburg-Prescott football-track; Taylor Hodgen, Mac-Hi wrestling; Travis Hodgen, Mac-Hi wrestling; Griffen Hoerner, WWCC soccer; Wyatt Hyer, Pomeroy wrestling; Wyatt Jenkins, Pomeroy wrestling.

Dallas Jimenez, Wa-Hi track; Matt Kates, Touchet basketball; Jesse Koller, Pomeroy football; Ben Kiefel, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Marcus Kilthau, WWCC golf; Jonathan Klem, Wa-Hi swimming; Tory Knebel, Pomeroy football-wrestling; Ryan Koberstein, Pomeroy golf; Trevor Koberstein, Pomeroy golf; Ben Konen, DeSales golf; Kyle Konen, DeSales golf; Edmond Lai, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Tyler Lawton, WWCC soccer; James Lehr, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Kyle Lindgren, DeSales football; Christopher Lindsey, WWVA track; Daniel Lomeland WWVA basketball.

John Lonai, Mac-Hi cross country; Trevor Lott, Burbank track; Gerald Maib, Wa-Hi wrestling; Anthony Martinez, Mac-Hi tennis; Victor Mata, DeSales football-baseball; Chance McDaniel, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Tim McEuen, Wa-Hi track; Nick Meharry, WWVA track; E.J. Meserve, Waitsburg-Prescott cross country; Justin Meyer, DeSales football; Joel Meyers, Pomeroy golf; Brayden Moller, Mac-Hi wrestling; Matthew Montgomery, Waitsburg-Prescott cross country; Otis Montgomery, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Jacob Moore, Pomeroy wrestling; Matt Moore, WWVA basketball-track; Austin Morgan, Wa-Hi cross country; Ben Moser, Waitsburg-Prescott cross country.

Aaron Nelson, Wa-Hi cross country-track; Chinonso Opara, WWVA track; Brandon Porter, Wa-Hi track; Joe Purdin, Waitsburg-Prescott baseball; Simon Quackenbush, Walla Walla Rodeo Club; Mikey Ramos, WWCC soccer; Logan Reardon, Wa-Hi wrestling; Dallas Reich, Weston-McEwen football-basketball-baseball; Drew Reinland, Wa-Hi golf; Austin Reisdorph, Pomeroy wrestling-track; Tyler Reisdorph, Pomeroy track; Glen Reser, WWCC baseball; Pat Richard, DeSales baseball; Nathan Roberts, Burbank basketball; Jake Robertson, Wa-Hi track; Gus Rodriguez, Touchet baseball; Juan Rojero, Wa-Hi soccer; Justin Ruark, Pomeroy track; Daniel Ruiz, WWVA track.

Josh Rutherford, Mac-Hi wrestling; Lupito Salazar, Mac-Hi baseball; Francisco Saldana, Mac-Hi wresting-track; Jose Saldana, Mac-Hi cross country; Elliot Salter, Weston-McEwen football-baseball; Erik Sandoval, Waitsburg-Prescott cross country; Roberto Sandoval, Mac-Hi soccer; Jesse Sargent, Mac-Hi wrestling; Kincaid Schmitz, DeSales football; Austin Schilling, Wa-Hi track; Bryce Scott, DeSales golf; Riley Sederburg, Weston-McEwen football; Bo Segerman, Walla Walla Rodeo Club; Pat Sharkey, DeSales track; Brandon Shaw, Whitman basketball; Lucas Simpson, Mac-Hi cross country; Jason Smith, WWCC basketball; Josh Smith, Waitsburg-Prescott track.

Ryan Smith, Pomeroy wrestling; Matt Soloman, Whitman tennis; Aaron Speed, Weston-McEwen football; Austin Startin, Pomeroy golf; Nathanial Steans, Dayton track; Adam Strobahn, Dayton track; Kroft Sunderland, Dayton basketball-football; Caleb Taylor, Mac-Hi cross country-track; Nick Tewalt, Pomeroy wrestling; Lawrence Timmons, Mac-Hi wrestling; Jeffrey Tolman, Whitman tennis; Johnny Trevino, Mac-Hi soccer; Garrett Turner, Dayton basketball.

Peter Vander Griend, DeSales track; Tyler Wahl, DeSales track; Nick Wales, DeSales football-track; Matt Watson, Wa-Hi football-baseball; Nick Watts, Mac-Hi baseball; Joe Weber, Touchet football; Shelby West, Mac-Hi wrestling; Wyatt Withers, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Brian Wittlake, WWVA track; Tanner Woody, Burbank basketball; JP Wolpert, Wa-Hi cross country; Matt Wujek, DeSales baseball; Christian Zaragosa, Mac-Hi track; Joe Zimmerman, DeSales track; Jace Zuger, Waitsburg-Prescott track.



Roxanna Acock, DeSales track; Rachel Adkins, Wa-Hi track; Dominique Alston, WWCC soccer; Alyson Ambler, Wa-Hi softball; Gabby Anderson, Wa-Hi track; Amanda Arceo, DeSales track; Jessica Arnzen, DeSales track; Sandy Avalos, WWVA volleyball; Stephanie Baker, Mac-Hi softball; Kristen Ballinger, Whitman cross country; Ellie Bartlow, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Janice Bartlow, Wa-Hi track; Melissa Bartlow, Pomeroy volleyball; Iris Batalla, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Renee Baumann, Weston-McEwen volleyball; Elizabeth Benito, Waitsburg-Prescott cross country-track; Belen Betencourt, Mac-Hi soccer; McKayla Bickelhaupt, Dayton volleyball.

Amanda Bingman, Pomeroy track; Hailey Blanco, Burbank track; Alexis Bobadilla, WWCC softball; Kindsey Bott, Pomeroy volleyball; Becca Brown, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Nicole Brown, Touchet softball; Elise Button, Dayton track; Tiffany Cain, Weston-McEwen volleyball-basketball; Maggie Callan, Wa-Hi track; Meghan Cantrel, Touchet softball; Abby Chapman, Dayton golf; Sydney Christensen, Wa-Hi track; Emily Childers, Mac-Hi soccer-track; Kelsey Collins, Pomeroy track; Ashley Cornia, Wa-Hi track; Dominique Cox, Wa-Hi track; Triana Cummings, Wa-Hi tennis; Jillian Davis, Whitman volleyball; Kailee Davisson, Wa-Hi track.

Brittany Dominquez, WWCC volleyball; Jada Donnelly, DeSales track; Dona Dunovant, WWCC golf; Shiann Dreadfulwater, WWCC basketball; Morgan Entze, Weston-McEwen volleyball-softball; Mica Epifanio, Mac-Hi track; Carley Frazier, Walla Walla Rodeo Club; Courtney Frazier, WWCC rodeo; Haley Freske, Weston-McEwen volleyball; Briana Fulbright, Dayton track; Courtney Fuller, Dayton track; Maya Garcia, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Shawney Garcia, Mac-Hi softball; Brittany Gibbar, Wa-Hi track; Emily Gilbert, Whitman cross country; Erin Giusti, DeSales basketball; Hailey Goenen, Waitsburg-Prescott softball; Maddie Grimm, Pomeroy track.

Alyssa Hafen, Waitsburg-Prescott softball; Dani Hall, DeSales track; Andrea Hamada, Wa-Hi softball; Alyssa Harrington, Mac-Hi softball; Crystal Harris, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Kyla Harris, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Janelle Hartford, DeSales softball; Samantha Harting, Dayton softball; Mary Herbes, Weston-McEwen track; Margo Hickman, WWCC soccer; Annie Higgins, DeSales basketball; Brielle Hocking, Pomeroy track; Kathleen Hopkins, Mac-Hi track; Ronnie Hulce, Waitsburg-Prescott basketball-volleyball-track; Kayla Hutcheson, WWCC softball; Danyelle Hutchison, WWCC softball; Kayla Huxoll, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Maddie Jacobsen, Wa-Hi track.

Anita Jackson, Dayton track; Marianne Johnson, WWCC soccer; Samantha Johnson, WWCC soccer; Tierra Kessler, Touchet softball; Nicole Kim, WWVA track; Hope Klicker, Wa-Hi softball; HayLee Koller, Pomeroy softball-basketball; Heather Krebsbach, WWCC soccer; Nicole Lambert, Dayton basketball; Abby Larreau, DeSales volleyball; Briana Lee, WWVA volleyball; Natalie Leyland, WWCC softball; Nikki Long, WWCC volleyball; Ashlyn Lyons, DeSales softball; Brigit Lyons, DeSales track; Kyle Lytle, Dayton golf; Karlie Martin, Pomeroy basketball; Kelly Martin, DeSales golf; Hailey McBride, Burbank track; Jill McDaniels, Wa-Hi softball; Deanna Melvoin, WWVA track.

Lyndsey Minnich, WWCC softball; Lena Miraglio, WWCC soccer; Megan Moberg, DeSales track; Ashton Montgomery, DeSales golf; Kendra Moore, WWVA track; Kayla Morgan, Pomeroy track; McKhayla Morris, Wa-Hi track; Ashley Myrick, Dayton track; Rachel Nelson, Wa-Hi cross country; Kalyn Odman, Mac-Hi softball; Elise Otto, Whitman tennis; Rochea Paulson, WWVA track; Molly Payne, Dayton golf; Genesis Pearson, Waitsburg-Prescott; Presley Peck, Wa-Hi tennis; Jenele Peterson, Whitman basketball; Paige Pontarolo, Wa-Hi softball; Kristin Potter, Waitsburg-Prescott basketball-track; Maryalice Potolicchio, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Vicki Reardon, Wa-Hi softball.

Shaila Rivers, WWCC softball; Alysa Roberg, Whitman tennis; Andrea Roeder, Mac-Hi softball; Casey Roosma, WWVA track; Jocelynn Rupp-Anliker, WWVA track; Becky Ryerse, WWCC soccer; Kamia Salango, WWVA track; Lauren Sams, Mac-Hi softball; Kelsie Schafer, WWVA volleyball; Cheyenne Schoen, DeSales track; Jordan Simkins, WWCC soccer; Emily Timm-Ballard, Wa-Hi swimming; Erica Torres, Mac-Hi track; Moriah Trunkey, WWVA track.

Kayla Turner, Dayton softball; Elayna Van Hess, WWCC softball; Amanda Warnick, DeSales softball; Zoe Weaver, Touchet softball; Jamie Weisner, Wa-Hi track; Kaylie Winston, WWCC soccer; Megan Withers, Waitsburg-Presco9tt basketball-softball; Maddy Witt, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Lexi Zander, DeSales softball.



Burbank boys basketball; Burbank girls basketball; Dayton boys basketball; Dayton football; Dayton softball; Dayton volleyball; DeSales baseball; DeSales football; DeSales girls basketball; DeSales softball; DeSales volleyball; Helix volleyball; Mac-Hi boys cross country; Mac-Hi boys soccer; Mac-Hi girls soccer; Mac-Hi softball; Mac-Hi wrestling.

Nixyaawii girls basketball; Pomeroy volleyball; Pomeroy girls basketball; Pomeroy wrestling; Touchet baseball; Touchet softball; Wa-Hi baseball; Wa-Hi boys basketball; Wa-Hi boys soccer; Wa-Hi boys track; Wa-Hi girls basketball; Wa-Hi softball; Wa-Hi volleyball; Waitsburg-Prescott baseball; Waitsburg-Prescott boys basketball; Waitsburg-Prescott boys cross country.

Waitsburg-Prescott boys soccer; Waitsburg-Prescott boys track; Waitsburg-Prescott football; Waitsburg-Prescott girls basketball; Waitsburg-Prescott softball; Walla Walla Valley Academy boys basketball; Weston-McEwen baseball; Weston-McEwen boys basketball; Weston-McEwen football; Weston-McEwen girls basketball; Weston-McEwen softball; Weston-McEwen volleyball; Whitman College men's basketball.

Whitman College women's basketball; Whitman College women's tennis; Walla Walla Community College baseball; Walla Walla Community College men's basketball; Walla Walla Community College softball; Walla Walla Community College women's basketball; Walla Walla Community College men's rodeo; Walla Walla Community College women's rodeo; Walla Walla Community College women's soccer.



Jerry Baker, Waitsburg-Prescott girls basketball; Jeff Bartlow, Waitsburg-Prescott football; Dean Bickelhaupt, Dayton football; Lori Blanc, DeSales volleyball; Chad Bodnar, Walla Walla Community College women's soccer; Eric Bridgeland, Whitman College men's basketball; Beau Chester, Mac-Hi wrestling; Nicole Crossfield, Pomeroy volleyball; Bruce Crossfield, Pomeroy volleyball; Kim Cox, DeSales baseball; Audra Cummings, Wa-Hi volleyball; Ted Cummings, Wa-Hi boys tennis; Wayne Dickey, Touchet baseball.

Amber Doremus, Weston-McEwen girls basketball; Gary Dorman, Touchet softball; Tim Duncan, DeSales girls basketball; Michelle Ferenz, Whitman College women's basketball; Jose Garcia, Mac-Hi boys soccer; Jeff Griggs, Weston-McEwen softball; John Golden, Wa-Hi boys basketball; Keith Gradwohl, Wa-Hi baseball; Pat Graham, DeSales football; T.J. Haguewood, Weston-McEwen baseball; Rick Hamilton, Waitsburg-Prescott soccer; Kenzie Hansell, Weston-McEwen football.

Bobbi Hazeltine, Walla Walla Community College women's basketball; John Hein, Whitman College women's tennis; Eric Hisaw, Wa-Hi track; Jerry Humphries, Wa-Hi softball; Ron Huntington, Waitsburg-Prescott track; Joanna Lanning, Waitsburg-Prescott cross country; Mike Locati, Wa-Hi cross country; Jeremy Maddern, Nixyaawii girls basketball; Martin Martinez, Mac-Hi girls soccer; Mike McGhan, Dayton golf; Dave Meliah, Walla Walla Community College baseball.

Jill Meliah, Wa-Hi girls basketball; John Milleson, Mac-Hi track and cross country; Loren Monaco, Weston-McEwen track; John Muchlinski, Burbank girls basketball; Jeff Northam, Whitman College women's tennis; Lon Olson, DeSales golf; Tammy Parker, Helix volleyball; Keven Peck, Wa-Hi girls tennis; Brian Pickard, Weston-McEwen boys basketball; Angie Potts, Waitsburg-Prescott softball; Roy Ramirez, Dayton boys basketball; Jeff Reinland, Walla Walla Community College men's basketball.

Mike Rostollan, Walla Walla Community College golf; Terry Robins, Dayton softball; Scott Shields, Whitman College women's cross country; T.J. Scott, Waitsburg-Prescott boys basketball; Nettie Severs, Pomeroy girls basketball; Derek Shawley, Pomeroy wrestling; Jim Smith, Wa-Hi boys golf; Dustin Snedigar, Waitsburg-Prescott baseball; Dan Solis, Walla Walla Valley Academy track; Mike Staudenmaier, Walla Walla Community College softball; D.J. Traver, Burbank boys basketball.

Shannon Turner, Dayton volleyball and track; Adam Van Vogt, Pomeroy wrestling; Russ Vera, DeSales softball; Scott Wagner, Walla Walla Valley Academy boys basketball; Mike Washington, Wa-Hi boys soccer and Whitman College men's soccer; Shawn White, Weston-McEwen volleyball.



Gabby Anderson, Wa-Hi; Renee Baumann, Weston-McEwen; Isabel Benito, Prescott; Kindsey Bott, Pomeroy; Jay Breithaupt, Pomeroy; David Brock, Prescott; Francisco Carvajal, Mac-Hi; Katie Chapman, Whitman College; Emily Childers, Mac-Hi; Sydney Christensen, Wa-Hi; Andrew Christina, Wa-Hi.

Bret Christina, Wa-Hi; Cameron Davis, Wa-Hi; Shiann Dreadfulwater, Walla Walla Community College; Christoph Fuchs, Whitman College; Andrew Glaeser, Wa-Hi; Tristan Greenidge, Walla Walla University; Andrew Greenwalt, Weston-McEwen; Chyanne Hack, Helix; TJ Hofer, Waitsburg; Emily Huesby, Touchet; Kyle Jameson, Wa-Hi; Nicole Lambert, Dayton; Kayla Leinweber, Wa-Hi; Heather McFadden, Walla Walla University; Megan Moberg, DeSales.

Madison Nelson, Wa-Hi; Chinonso Opara, Walla Walla Valley Academy; Casey Roosma, Walla Walla Valley Academy; Jason Smith, Walla Walla Community College; Kroft Sunderland, Dayton; Garett Turner, Dayton; Sean Williams, DeSales; Megan Withers, Waitsburg; McKelle Wilwand, Wa-Hi.


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