Concert packs a lot into its name


WALLA WALLA - "I don't know who started first because there is a bicycle race that kind of surrounds us," Hot Poop owner Jim McGuinn said jokingly.

He was referring to the Hot Poop-sponsored all-day concert that also coincides with the Saturday Tour of Walla Walla criterium.

The Fourth Annual Presley Methodist of the Assumed Paradise Parking Lot Barbecue Boogie Revival took place Saturday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m., as did the criterium.

When asked about the unusual name, McGuinn explained how in the 1970s he was attending a concert in the mountains, but went back home when he noticed he had forgotten his salad for the potluck.

On the way down the mountain he noticed a sheriff's deputy was heading up the mountain; so he turned back to provide some rides for what he thought would be a broken-up mountain bash.

When he returned, McGuinn found no deputy, plenty of happy concert attendees and a sign someone had posted that read Methodist Church picnic.

"As soon as you say church, that Dixie cup in their hand has to be filled with punch," McGuinn said.

As for the "Presley" part of the name, he said, "If they don't respect the church, they got to respect Elvis Presley."

All day in the parking lot behind the store, Hot Poop customers were treated to free concerts from local bands to celebrate International Record Store Day.

"It gets bigger each year," McGuinn said, and added, "It's a little like planning a wedding, the less who come the more you save."


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