Walking, or the art of traveling by foot, is a human's natural means of transportation.

Walking is free and it's good for your health. It gives you a cardiovascular workout, reduces stress, aids in maintaining a healthy weight, adds zest to your life, provides more opportunities to interact with others, and doesn't contribute to either air pollution or traffic congestion.

If the average American walked or biked to work or shopping once every two weeks instead of driving, we could prevent the pollution of close to one billion gallons of gasoline from entering the atmosphere every year.

Motor vehicle emissions represent 31 percent of total carbon dioxide, 81 percent of carbon monoxide, and 49 percent of nitrogen oxides released in the U.S., along with significant noise pollution.

Next time someone tells you to "take a hike," instead of getting mad take them up on it!

Gardening update: This is a great time to put cabbage, broccoli, and other cool weather starts in the ground.

It's our world. If we use resources more thoughtfully, we'll all benefit.

From Sustainable Walla Walla and the WWCC Go Green Club. More tips at


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