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Featured books will be available for the public today. They can also be placed on hold online at wallawallapubliclibrary,org or call the library for assistance at 527-4550.

Featured books include:


"Altar of Bones," by Philip Carter

In this fast-paced international thriller, three very different people are linked to a woman who decades ago fled a Soviet prison camp with a powerful ancient knowledge. One is a homeless woman who is fatally stabbed in San Francisco, another is an old man in Galveston who makes a chilling death-bed confession to his sons and the third is a female assassin who makes a pact with a corporate billionaire in Massachusetts.

Ry O'Malley, a man attempting to outrun his fate, and Zoe Dmitroff, a San Francisco attorney, are pulled into the web of danger. The ensuing game of cat and mouse spans a century and touches Siberia, Paris, the United States, the KGB and, ultimately, the guardians of an ancient religious icon.

"The Oracle of Stamboul," by Michael David Lukas

Eleonora's birth late in the summer of 1877 is both joyful and tragic; the death of her mother soon follows. Under the care of her doting father, Yakob, and stern stepmother, Ruxandra, Eleonora spends her early years daydreaming and doing housework in the town of Constanta on the Black Sea.

When Yakob sets sail for Stamboul on business, Eleonora stows away in one of his trunks and finds a new life awaiting her in the imperial capital. There is an abundance of elegance and mystery at this crossroads of the world, and people are not always what they seem.


"The Good Daughter: A Memoir of My Mother's Hidden Life," by Jasmin Darznik

Jasmin Darznik grew up knowing little of her family's history in Iran. She moved to America at the age of three and didn't begin to learn more of the story until she reached her early 20s.

While helping her mother move after her father's death, Jasmin noticed a previously unseen wedding photograph of her mother. The man pictured beside her was not Jasmin's father. Her mother would not speak about the photograph until a few months later when she began sending Jasmin cassette tapes. On these tapes she recorded the story of her marriage at 13, her life of abuse and neglect and the daughter she was forced to abandon in order to escape.

This memoir weaves together three generations of Iranian women, with a family's struggle for freedom and an unbreakable mother-daughter bond.

"Radioactive: Marie & Pierre Curie: A Tale of Love & Fallout," by Lauren Redniss

Scientists Marie and Pierre Curie's romance was world-famous at the turn of the century. Together, they discovered two new elements, radium and polonium, recognized radioactivity as an atomic property and won a Nobel Prize.

In 1906, Pierre died in a freak accident, and Marie continued their work alone. She won another Nobel Prize and began a scandalous love affair with married physicist Paul Langevin.

Author Lauren Redniss draws on interviews with scientists, engineers, weapons specialists, atomic bomb survivors and the Curie's granddaughter to link their history with modern concerns of nuclear weapons, medical radiation and nuclear energy.


"The Second Son," by Jonathan Rabb; "Sea Change," by Jeremy Page; "Treat Me, Not My Age: A Doctor's Guide to Getting the Best Care as You or a Loved One Gets Older," by Dr. Mark Lachs; "In the Blink of an Eye: Dale, Daytona, and the Day that Changed Everything," by Michael Waltrip


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