LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Rep. Nelson's tuition stand disappointing


It is with great disappointment Nancy and I learn of Oregon state Rep. Dave Nelson's position on the House bill allowing illegal immigrants to obtain a university education at "in-state" tuition rates. After speaking with many Republican friends and neighbors in our community, all are appalled at his position in this regard.

Forgive us if we are wrong, but it is our understanding that Nelson was elected to represent the people of Eastern Oregon. Apparently, he does not represent us at all!

He says he is a Republican, which to most of us translates to holding conservative positions and following the Constitution of the United States. Apparently, it was a huge mistake on the part of the electorate to have allowed him to represent us -- very disappointing, indeed. What other surprises does he have in store?

Please understand, most of us are fed-up with the lack of action in both federal and state governments regarding illegal immigrants. We're sure Nelson has heard it all before, but let us say it once more -- illegal means "against the law!" What other laws does he choose to ignore?

Gene Wright



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