LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Some history was forgotten


An answer to the class-war letter by Bruce McCutcheon:

I read his letter and I would like to add my comments as he seems to have forgotten some important history.

Bush and the Republicans inherited a recession started in the Clinton years when the hi-tech bubble burst. Then we had 9/11 and I recall the House and Senate backed Bush to go to war in Afghanistan.

If you will go back and check your history, starting in 1998, the Democrats -- starting with Clinton, the vice president, secretary of State and many others -- all said that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction and he needed to be dealt with. They all backed Bush's war efforts in Iraq and then turned around and used it against him.

Bush and the Republicans did cut taxes, which got us out of a recession and quite a few years of prosperity followed. If you do your homework, you will find that Bush tried to avert the disastrous housing collapse, starting in 2001, which the Democrat's blocked.

Rep. Barney Frank, Sen. Chris Dodd and other Democrats can be held accountable for this mess we find ourselves in now! Remember Speaker Nancy Pelosi, Majority Leader Harry Reid and the Democrats took complete control of the Congress in 2006.

It was just announced that 47 percent of Americans do not pay any income tax and that 56 percent of the legal/illegal immigrants receive some form of welfare. Yet, all these people receive and earned income checks from the federal government. We cannot feed, clothe, house and employ the world.

About the unions, just ask the Europeans what the unions have done for them. Nearly all of them are bankrupt and giving too many benefits to the union members is mostly the cause. Now we find almost all our states and our federal government are having financial trouble and entitlements to the employees are mostly the cause. You cannot have a government employee negotiate with the unions when they are dependant on the unions for their re-election funds.

This country does not owe anyone a living; it only said that everyone has the same opportunity to become successful.

People who drop out of school, use drugs and, basically, don't want to work should not be pandered to and that is not class warfare!

Robert Jackson

Walla Walla


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