Woo Crew members impress at national snowboard competition

The local Bluewood skiers are led by Sarah Koehler's run to third at Copper Mountain, Colo.


DAYTON - Woo Crew members Blake Morasch, 15, of Walla Walla, and Jaymin Morgan, 16, of Kennewick, finished well ahead of their pre-race rankings and their fellow competitors from across the nation at the 2011 United States of American Snowboard Association Nationals at Copper Mountain, Colo., April 2-12.

Dayton's Alex Naylor, ranked sixth nationally in the men's 16-18 age group, was injured while preparing during one of several training runs before his race.

Naylor was running the course with teammate BreAnna Morgan when he was launched off one of the main jumps.

He landed on his left heel and crashed.

At St. Anthony's Hospital in Frisco, Colo., he learned he had suffered a compression contusion, but did not have any broken bones in his heel.

He withdrew from competition (and skiing for this season) the following day and has told by medical professionals to wear a walking cast while he heals, at least six weeks, Kim Morasch reported.

Blake Morasch qualified for Nationals ranked 29th. During the competition, he was eliminated during the quarterfinal round.

He finished 20th nationally overall, competing against 60 skiers in the boys 13-15 age group.

Morgan qualified in snowboard slalom, snowboard giant slalom and boardercross.

Seventy-five competitors faced him in each event, and he was ranked 44, 46 and 66, respectively, for each event.

He finished 25th in the snowboard slalom, 27th in snowboard giant slalom and 37th in boardercross. It was his sixth trip to the USASA Nationals.

Other Woo Crew finishers included Sarah Koehler, 23, and BreAnna Morgan, 18, both of Kennewick, in the Open Class Women's ski cross and women's 16-18 year old ski cross, respectively.

Morgan's start was strong, but as the course became steeper, she fell, losing one ski, reported Kim Morasch.

She completed the remainder of the course on one ski.

Koehler competed against a very strong group of women in the Women's Open Class 19 and over, Kim Morasch reported.

But she. too, fell and managed to finish third nationally.

The WOO Crew thanks sponsors deserve recognition for their support this season to the WOO Crew: Koehler Construction, Isaacs & Associates, Ski Bluewood and Patrick Lumber Company.

The WOO Crew is coached by Nick Morgan, a certified coach who currently serves as the Director of the Inland Northwest Series of the USASA. He lives in Kennewick.

For more information on the Woo Crew, visit website www.usasa.org Inland Northwest Series, or visit the team on Facebook.

The team trains at Bluewood, south of Dayton.


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