In the minutes - GARFIELD COUNTY


Garfield County Commissioners are Dean Burton, Wynne McCabe and Robert Johnson. With all present Monday commissioners:

  • INCIDENTS: Learned a Garfield County Transportation van had sustained $86 in damage from paint being scratched. Also learned a county road pickup parked at the Peola Road Reconstruction Project site received an estimated $4,500 in damage to when a front end loader ran into it.

  • TAXES: Passed a resolution canceling $72 in personal property taxes deemed uncollectble. The taxes were owed on a 1967 12-by-60-foot trailer located on property that is not the trailer owner's property. Unanimous.

  • CONTRACT: Signed a contract with the County Road Administration Board to receive about $500,000 in additional funds for the Peola Road Project. Funds for the project now total $2.8 million. Unanimous.


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