LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Income redistribution doesn't work


Answering Bruce McCutcheon's letter, "Same tired policies."

While Bruce states we must do our homework about this issue, he has failed to do his!

Bill Clinton went to the hard left when elected but when the Democrats were swept out of office in 1994 his close advisor, Dick Morris, convinced him to move to the center, unlike our current president.

Yes, this did bring years of prosperity and the budget was balanced but then the high-tech bubble burst and the country went into a recession near the end of Clinton's term.

Bush inherited this along with the Clinton Community Re-Investment Act, causing the financial melt down of 2007-8-9-10 and even 2011 when the banks were mandated to make a certain percent of their mortgage loans to unqualified borrowers.

In doing his homework, Bruce would have found that Bush started warning Congress in 2001 of a possible catastrophe in the financial sector and again in 2003 warning that Freddie Mac and Fanny Mae could cause financial problems in our economy.

Greenspan went to Congress in 2005, warning that there were real problems in the financial sector but Frank, Dodd and Shumar blocked the effort. McCain wrote legislation in 2006 trying to curb the problem but the Democrats blocked that effort and the Republicans didn't have the votes to pass the legislation.

The housing market collapsed, taking the economy with it. Fox News reported on this while the other major networks tried to ignore the facts and cover-up the Democrats' ignorance and incompetence.

Years of tax breaks have cost the treasury $1.5 trillion producing low unemployment, prosperity and National Security to the nation.

Obama spent $800 billion-plus in one year on stimulus and now unemployment is 9.2 and rising. This doesn't include the people who have stopped looking for work or are underemployed. He has done more damage to the national debt than any president in history.

Income redistribution will not work for the unemployable, you just make them more dependent and drag those who will and do work less likely to. Socialism has never worked and if you want a current example, look at Venezuela.

Yes, we all want good schools, real jobs and good infrastructure. Look what our schools have produced after we have thrown a ridiculous amount of money into the system.

Robert Jackson
Walla Walla


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