Extended filing period nets hospital board candidates


POMEROY - After a lackluster filing period for two open positions on the Garfield County Public Hospital Board, an extended filing period produced two candidates for Position 4, and no one for Position 3. Neither incumbent filed for re-election.

Wednesday, board Chairman Roger Dumbeck resigned, after serving six years, first as an appointee, then as an elected board member. Dumbeck held Position 2.

Dumbeck cited personal reasons for stepping aside.

District commissioners have 90 days to appoint a replacement for Dumbeck. Dumbeck's position expires in December 2015, but an appointee will go before the voters in 2013 to retain the position.

Jim Maves, incumbent in Position 3 and board secretary, will serve as interim chair until a replacement is named for Dumbeck.

Last month, the board accepted the resignation of Pat Richardson, whose resume includes nearly six years on the board and interim district administrator and a long-time nurse. Richardson said she wanted to retire due to personal and health reasons.

After interviewing the two candidates for Richardson's position, the board appointed retired nurse Ray Hoffman to replace her. The other candidate is local mechanic Steve Lytle.

Lytle and Hoffman will run for election to Position 4 in the November election.

Because there is no one seeking Position 3, incumbent Maves will continue to serve until he resigns or a successor is elected to a six-year term, Garfield County Auditor Donna Deal said.

Also on the board are Jenness Evanson, whose Position 1 expires in December 2015, and Vonnie Mulrony, whose Position 5 expires in December 2013.

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