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A lack of information can sometimes lead to a leap of the imagination.



Why a child appears to be 'flyingā€¯ another child on a leash is the stuff of good questions and endless possibilities.


Why this one pulled off a younger look is the stuff of good questions and endless possibilities.


Standing by a UPS truck on Main Street, two men delivered more questions than I had answers for as I photographed them from my Jeep.


Why these two dark, ominous helicopters were flying so close to dark, ominous clouds remains a mystery.


A woman walks a child and a dog while shrouded in mist along a deserted bay near Blaine, Wash.

At the end of the story, it's satisfying to find the questions answered, the mystery solved and the reason why the Black Ops helicopters were moving into the storm.

In many respects, the end justifies the means. We stroll away from a life encounter with a sense of well-being, knowing that the unknown is now known, the shadows have been lifted and we are once more safe, and in control, Our own destiny - and oftentimes the lives of others - has been validated through the power we have obtained with information from the storytelling process.

But what if the dots are not connected? What if the names are missing? What if the reasons for the life encounter remain unknown?

In each of these photos - with the exception of one - I have no idea as to what is going on.

Normally, in the quest to provide information to the viewers and readers, questions are asked.

In these moments, they were not.

I don't know why two men are dressed in unique attire on Main Street, or why a woman is walking with dog and child - but still alone - on a misty beach. I don't know why the helicopters are moving with the storm.

I do know there is a story there - beautifully unknown, somewhere unanswered, simple or complex.

A truth.

And many fantasies.

The power of the unknown is that it forces our minds to think.

Who? What? When? Where? And why?

Most stories begin with a question. Shouldn't those that tempt the imagination end with one?


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