LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Big brother wants command of your land


Bureaucrats don't face producing profits to justify their existence. Demanding they do so would make them extinct.

They spend what taxpayers earn without accountability. Heads seldom roll.

That's bad enough, but worse when bureaucrats assume undeserved and unlawful power and ignore majority opinions of Americans who live on profit, whether earned through piecework picking fruit, working on production lines, farming, selling, repairing or owning/managing large enterprises. The Obama administration leads the way.

Walla Walla City Council members Elia, Laib, Cummins and Cavazos recently voted to have city legal staff draft an ordinance that allows the city to rezone its own property as it sees fit, even if that rezone was not what was stipulated in the city's comprehensive plan.

The tail wags the dog. Hail seizers!

Cecil Coffey was a dear friend, a visionary and successful businessman. His building complex, Business 1 Circle, was caught at an inopportune moment when adjacent five acres of raw land went on sale. To match Business 1 Circle's zoning, my family bought and developed it as the Highland Commerce Center. Commerce is defined as trade, buying, selling, retail, wholesale, etc.

The single empty lot testifies to rejected offers from developers of non-commerce enterprises.

The BPA facility developed first. It sells electricity. The Hampton Inn developed second, a quality addition to Walla Walla.

The venture cost millions of dollars. It rents space and services.

The new kid in the block grew from Walla Walla Joint Community Development Agency's unilateral decision to remodel the BPA building for five social service groups in the midst of commercial facilities and defy zoning laws.

Their mini-empire staff of 130 people has 126 parking spaces.

The five service groups support the most needy and therefore large numbers seeking services and require parking plus bus service. Kelly Place is a short street with limited parking. Overflow could invade the Hampton Inn slots.

Common-sense people know the outcome of this predictable event. Confrontations will become regular events.

A multi-million dollar facility will take hits and quality of facility and investment will both decline.

Bureaucrats could care less and now threaten any investment in the city using a heavy-handed new power through proposed actions of four Council members.

I believe Walla Wallans support free enterprise. Politicians who vote for bureaucratic actions become bureaucratic club members by default.

When asked for your donations and votes please recall this injustice.

William L. Kelly

Walla Walla


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