LETTERS TO THE EDITOR - Myra Road project typical government


If my memory serves me correctly (it does not always) I thought there was an article a couple of years back that said in order for Commercial Avenue to be tied into Myra Road that a person (Mark Gilbert) had to pay to lower the intersection of Myra and Dalles Military roads. Commercial Avenue was put in and so was a new Honda dealership and now the cities are having to cough up the money.

It has been a long-standing joke that nobody thought about the hill and stop light for truck s clear back when it was ever mentioned to make Myra Road the truck route. Why was lowering the hill part of the four-lane package to U.S. Highway 12? The Walla Walla City Council members act like the hill just grew after Myra Road was turned into the truck route.

Like typical government, spend money to make themselves look good and deal with the consequence later. Then spend more money so we can say we did something, and when the money runs out ask the people to cough up more.

Ken Sloan



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